Math IS Real Life: December 2018 Edition – mismatched measurements

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A few weeks back my sister brought the kiddos up to visit and we went to the park.  I was so excited when I saw that the swing / slide / monkey bar combo had a growth chart on the side.  What a great way for students to see a different type of ruler, in a fun place, in their everyday life.  That’s when I noticed the issue… can you guess what’s wrong with this picture?

Hmmm…  maybe I should mention that I’m 6′ 00″ tall and my sister is closer to 5′ 6″.  Now do you see what’s wrong with this picture?  No, I’m not squatting, I’m standing up straight, not slouching.  So how does this happen?  At first I thought the ground had settled… then I realized that I would have been “taller”.  Perhaps the chart was meant to be level when mulch was around… then I realized there would need to be almost 6 inches of mulch.  Yikes?!  Could the measurements really just be that far off?  As you can see from the bottom of the picture the “bottom” of the ruler begins at 3′ 00″.  Is this fixable?!  How? Pose this question to your students and see what they come up with!

So, how else could you use these pictures, and our known measurements in your class?  Let me know if and how you decide to use these #mathfails in your classroom 🙂


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