Math IS Real Life: November 2018 Edition – An English recipe

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Ever get in a rut with cooking?  We do all the the time… This past week my husband texted to ask what we were having for dinner and I told him there was a roast in the oven, but I wasn’t sure what side we would be having quite yet. Without missing a beat he sent me a link to the top 10 sides to have with roast — #1 Yorkshire Pudding.  I checked out the recipe and decided, “what the heck?” that seems pretty simple.  The only issue I had was most (but, oddly, not all) of the recipe was in metric.

So I used my handy smart phone to help with some conversions. I was a bit leary that the mL to cups conversion wasn’t exactly 3/4 c or 1/8 c, but hoped for the best (not always a great idea when baking….)


Thankfully, they turned out DELICIOUS! This is absolutely a recipe we will be using in the future 🙂  So tasty, so eggy, so bready…. sooooo good! I love when math helps make a yummy treat!


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