Math IS Real Life – 4 year Anniversary Giveaway

Four years ago (holy heck, how is that even possible?!) this month began the journey of creating a monthly journal of how I (and a few friends that joined in) used mathematics in our daily lives.  Math IS Real Life was born in August of 2013.  Since then 48 months have passed – 48 blog posts from me and another 60 + from my mathematical friends have been written.  Over 100 posts about how mathematics can and IS used in everyday life.  Because 4 is my favorite number, and because 100 + posts is definitely something commemorate, I am doing something special this month – a throwback and a giveaway!

Linked below are the 48 Math IS Real Life posts that I have written. I wanted to have them all easily accessible in one place.  All of those that enter my giveaway will be entered into a $50 giftcard drawing – TpT, Amazon, Starbucks, or a combination of 2. Entering is easy!  Just choose which 5 #MiRL posts below are your favorite and go HERE to tell me which you chose.  Using that link will take you to a Google form so that you don’t have to write any personal information.

So, again, super simple – decide which 5 are your favorite – click the form to share the URLs of those 5 and a few other pieces of information, and you’re entered!

THANK YOU for your continued support!  Each of you is TRULY wonderful!!

1 entry per person.  Please follow all the directions within the form.

friends – feel free to still link up!

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