Math IS Real Life: November 2016 Edition – spatial #mathfail

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A few years back my husband and I purchased a treadmill.  We decided to buy a pretty hefty one – it had some nice features – and the delivery guys brought it to the house, hefted it up the stairs and assembled it in the “spare room”.


As you can see in the picture above, it’s a pretty decent size taking up about 5-6 feet of that 9 foot wall.  As the years passed, I turned that “spare room” into my office / sewing room.  As you can also kind of see in the picture above, my sewing desk ended right as the treadmill began and it left sort of an awkward space on the orange wall.  I worked with my dad on an idea for shelving for that wall – he made the base the same height as my desk and then built more shelving above so I could stack my fabric.

As time has passed and I’ve been sewing more, my husband and I have talked about moving the treadmill to the master bedroom.  I even shuffled some stuff around so it would fit nicely.

After recruiting some help to get the monster moved – it’s quite heavy – I realized that we were about to experience a #mathfail – specifically a SPATIAL mathfail.   It didn’t take long to see this move wasn’t going to happen (or at least not how we had imagined).

According to the manual our treadmill folds relatively flat – it even says you should be able to store it under a bed when not in use…

Ummmmm? Can you fit this beast under any of your beds?


Also, that’s not very flat.  As soon as I saw how it folded up, I knew it wasn’t going to fit.  BUT, just to make sure, we took some measurements.

The interior bedroom door is 29 inches wide…. only 27.5 if you don’t remove the door.  The treadmill…. 34 wide and 35 deep….



We thought about twisting it through the door, we thought about turning it on it’s side, we thought about just about every angle possible.  Unfortunately it’s just so bulky and awkward (and heavy) that none of those options are working….

For now, we’re taking a step back and figuring out how to disassemble the least number of pieces in order to move it.  Hoping to get it moved soon so that I can expand my sewing area…  I’m sure there will be updates in another #MIRL post in the near future!  If you have any ideas on how to move it without completely disassembling it, let me know!!!


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