Math IS Real Life: September 2016 Edition – Jellyroll discounts

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So I’m on my 5th week of the school year and I’ve been trying very hard to come home and do something other than just passing out on the couch…. I have found myself working on quite a few sewing projects (yes, this month’s MIRL is about sewing again…. #sorryNotsorry).  Recently, in the mail, a the Joann fabric Labor Day flier showed up in the mail (if you aren’t signed up for Joann’s teacher appreciation card – you need to be!  15% off ALL items including sale and clearance prices AND you get amazing deals sent to you in the mail all the time).  September is apparently National Sewing Month so all the sales prices had to do with sewing needs – DMC floss, quilter’s fabric, etc.   My MIL (Judy) and I jumped in the car and headed to Joann’s immediately!


After a few hours of shopping (yes, hours! there’s soooo much fabric to choose from!) I ended up purchasing a jellyroll with fun colors I was pretty sad they only had one jelly roll and wasn’t sure that I would be able to make a blanket as large as I wanted, so I grabbed some grey and pink arrow fabric to go along with it.  I also picked up some DMC floss in green and some green binding to pull everything together.


Between the 75% off quilting fabric, 30% off my full-price jellyroll, DMC floss on sale and 15% (teacher discount) on my binding I ended spending $16 BUT the best part was I saved over $30! Man, I love a good discount!!


So, as if that weren’t enough math for one day, I came home and started looking for jelly toll quilt patterns.  The problem I kept running into was that most quilt patterns needed 2 or 3 jelly rolls, and I only had one.  I finally found one that I liked and based on the simplicity of it, I knew I could add to it a bit to make it longer and wider for a better size blanket.

Click HERE for the link to the pattern below


Once I made all the strips, I trimmed them down to 12×12 and then added a 1.5 inch grey border on two sides.  Then I added a 2.5 inch grey strip between first/second rows and the second/thirds rows.  After all the strips were added in, I added a 2.5 inch grey border around the entire blanket.  The quilt grew from 36″ by 36″ to 40″ by 44″.  Had I purchased another half yard of fabric, I could have added another 6-10 inches of length pretty easily.  I liked that the blanket stayed less than 42″ because I could easily back the blanket with the pink fabric without having to cut it and piece it back together.


After I pieced everything together, I used the DMC floss to tie-off the blanket to hold it together, then I used the green binding and navy blue thread to put the finishing touches on the blanket.

I pretty much love how this whole blanket came together – I’m pretty sure my niece, Avery will LOVE it!  I want to make one more in blues and greens so that my nephew will also have one too!  Guess I need to head back to Joann’s for another jelly roll and some more adorable fabric!

Until next time…. keep finding math in YOUR real life!


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