Math IS Real Life: August 2016 Edition – Too many shirts (part 2)

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For those of you that follow my monthly #MiRL posts, I did kind of a rude thing… I posted just enough of my math quilt to have many, many, many people message me to ask how it turned out!  Sorry for the cliff-hanger!  Truth is, I needed my additional fabric to come in AND I went to two conference : one to be the attendee, one to be the presenter and I needed a bit more time to get it finished.  I was just so excited to share with you all that I had to at least begin the post.   If you just read that and it made absolutely NO SENSE… check out July’s #MiRL post HERE and you’ll be all caught up!

Okay… enough talk, let’s get to the quilt!  My amazing math fabric shows up and I was so excited about it, that I forgot to take pictures of the measuring and fitting portion.  I had to be spatially aware here b/c I wanted the fabric to “read” to correct way — images going from left to right — so I had to cut to lengths of fabric in one direction and another two lengths of fabric in the other direction (I bought 3 yards of fabric when I really only needed 1.5 BUT I loved it so much that I *WILL* be using it again soon!).


I also was really excited that I decided to add on the corner pieces – not only because of the bonus math geek-dom of the quilt, but because my OCDness would NOT be okay with the images not matching up just right from the different cuts.  I imagine there would have been quite a waste of fabric trying to get everything to align correctly.


After getting the perimeter border added on, it was time to figure out the batting and backing situation.  The top of the quilt ended up measuring 52″ + 6″ + 6″ wide by 58″ + 6″ + 6″ tall (64″ x 70″) so I need to purchase a piece of batting that would fit (preferably in one piece!) and I ended up deciding to get a bed sheet for the back (cheaper then most fabric, holds up well, one solid piece).

Before hitting up the local fabric store I checked online for some measurement help.  Check out this helpful site!  My blanket seemed so large to me, but thankfully, it fit nicely on a twin size sheet!

You can see the batting fit nicely with room to spare, and the sheet was pretty close!  But it worked out with very little waste (which is always nice).

A certain missmathdork mascot decided to take a nap on my unfinished quilt when I walked out of the room…. it’s good to know that he approves!


Once everything was matched up, I trimmed the edges to make them line up nicely.  My 12″ inch square template worked nicely for this job.


And then, I hand – “quilted” the top, batting, and backing together with orange embroidery floss and a large needle.


Then I decided to try my hand at the binding on the edge.  Knowing the perimeter came in quite handy here.  My quilt measured 64″ x 70″ so I needed (64″ x 2) + (70″ x 2) = 128″ + 140″ = 268″ of binding

268″ / 12 = 22 1/3″

22 1/3″ is approximately 7.5 yards

So, again, I went to the fabric store to buy binding (I wasn’t attempting to make my own my first try!).  The packages contained 3 yards worth of binding, so I grabbed 3 sets.


Then I game home and started pinning the binding, getting all the edges as close to 90 degrees as possible and trying to keep from dripping too much blood on my new fabric! (ouch!)


Next came the sewing process.  I ended up going around the binding twice (I was quite nervous that I missed some of the insides in a few sections!)


At this point, the blanket was so large that I was dealing more with “surface area” issue – I didn’t have enough room to keep my entire quilt on the table!  I was trying to bunch it and fold it, but that wasn’t an easy task with all the binding pins.


And then… then it was done!  And I was sooooo in love!


And then the snuggles began!


I had so much fun putting together all my math shirts!  I’ve learned so much about sewing, “quilting”, binding, cutting, etc.  After I realized I actually *could* make something using my sewing machine, I started a few more projects – curtains for our bedroom (with grommets!) and another blanket.  Maybe at some point, I’ll tell you about the math I used in both of those!

Until next time…. keep finding math in YOUR real life!


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