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I’m not a coffee person, but I do LOVE some unsweetened iced tea!  In the past, if I had made good time on my morning commute, I would stop at the local fast food restaurant and grab a large unsweetened tea.  Most days this was perfect, others I was disappointed – either I would get served a sweetened tea, or the tea was a bit old and bitter.  Because I was headed to work, and the morning rush line was a little long, getting another cup was just not a choice.   While it sounds petty, grabbing inconsistent tea (and waiting in long lines) is not a great way to start my school day.

Last year the office at our school purchased a Keurig.  We have a BYOK (bring your own k-cup) policy – you bring your k-cup, you can use the Keurig.  No more paying into the till to get coffee, no more not having any brewed when you want any, etc. etc.  At the beginning of the year the admin team purchased a ton of K-cups and mugs for teachers who had moved classroom.  Just a small token of our appreciation.  It was with this purchase that I realized just how many different flavors of K-cups are out there.  And that’s when I decided to look up tea flavors.  Little did I know that there is an iced tea k-cup!!  As soon as I found it, I bought a small package (24) and a cup to brew into.


Once my tea arrived, I quickly brewed a cup and was instantly in love!  I hadn’t really thought about buying my next set of cups until I had an email from Amazon the other day.  In the email, I realized there were quite a few size boxes that could be purchased – 24, 48, 54, and 96.


At first when I saw the prices, I was a bit surprised by how high they were.  Then I had to remind myself that when I stopped at the fast food restaurant I was spending a minimum of $1.11 each morning (sometimes I convinced myself I needed breakfast).  $1.11 a morning multiplied by 20(ish) school days a month is about $22 a month.  So really, buying the 24 pack at $18.80 was saving money.  Hmmm…. will I save more money if I buy bigger quantities?


With the exception of the odd-ball 54 count that went up in price (even over the smallest package) the largest package DID win the best buy contest, even when adding in the shipping that is necessary on that one.  I’m guessing Prime didn’t want to eat the shipping on a larger, heavier box? No idea.  $0.61 a cup of iced tea is well worth the purchase.  I’ll be saving money from the fast food joint (and not being tempted to buy food), I’ll be saving time from waiting in the line AND I will consistently have tasty tea! WIN, WIN, WIN!


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