Are you ready for Pi Day?!

“It’s the MOST…WONDERFUL…. time…. of the year!!!!”  Yep, it’s coming!!  Pi day 2015 is almost here!!  ARE YOU READY?!Picture1

If you’re not, I’m here to help you out!


Perhaps you are in the need for some posters and circumference/area task cards?7

Or perhaps you want to make PI ornaments with your students


Don’t want that much of a mess?  How about a visualization of Pi?Slide141

Love the idea of a chain, but prefer a bit more mathematical substance? Check out the TIERED chain of circles activities



Area/Circumference Bundle

Template to make your own!


Interested in how I’ve used ANY and ALL of these activities?  Check out these past posts:

Pi day 2013

Pi day 2014

Pi day 2014….continued!  (There was just TOO much fun this week!)

And finally, perhaps you need an awesome shirt to wear for this special day!  If you have something special you’d like to request on it, let me know and I can work something up for you!

Check out my shirts at :


I hope you will take the time to visit my old posts, enter the giveaway, AND just take a moment to enjoy one of my FAVORITE days of the year!!

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Looking for something a bit different, here are what some of my mathematical friends have to offer!

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