NCTM Richmond and a “Good Questions” update

Today was a super exciting day for me?  Why you ask?…. I’m in the midst of mathematical geek-dom! Yep… you guessed it I’m at a Regional NCTM conference that is basically in my Virginia backyard.


When I was looking into the various presentations I came across this gem:

2014-11-14 03.32.46

Wait… what? That sounds familiar doesn’t it?  Yep!  Linda Gojak THE Linda Gojak from “Good Questions for Math Teaching” and “What’s Your Math Problem?”  (remember our book study from this summer and the one the summer before that?!)

gojak and mmd

Here are a few pieces of wisdom from her presentation:

2014-11-13 10.28.36

2014-11-13 10.30.38

Loved the entire presentation!!  Was a great supplement and follow-up to both books!  Thanks Linda!!

This presentation TOTALLY made my entire trip!!

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  1. Ana

    Oh my Gosh! I was there! Would have loved to meet you. Did I miss a session with you?? I hope not.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

    • MissMathDork

      You were there?! We may have sat next to each other at some point!! I didn’t present at this one, just enjoyed being an attendee. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well!

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