CAMT 2014 or BUST!

Blogger’s Note:  I started writing this post in JULY when I was ACTUALLY  IN TEXAS….. I just can’t bring myself to re-write the entire post…. I also can’t believe that I somehow never hit publish – D’OH.  Anyhoo, pretend I’m still there (but make sure to read all the way to the end… AWESOME LIMITED TIME OFFER!!!)


Soooo…. I’m pretty excited to give you all (or should I say y’all) an update of my “week” so far!  If you aren’t aware, I’m in TEXAS!!! Yep! SO incredibly excited about this trip!  

Here’s what has happened so far:

Saturday morning, while I was packing, Dozer decided to lay in my spot on the bed and make sad, pathetic faces at me.  I briefly thought about trying to stow him away, and then remembered the weight limit for a checked bag…. no dice. 

 Then I hit the road and started my trek towards the airport…. 90 minutes later and quite a few parking lots later… I was there!

 My favorite part about the airport is the escalator.  I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because my bag was so stinkin’ heavy…

 I arrived SUPER early at the airport thinking the line to get through security would be long… but no, I was in and out in less than 2 minutes!  NEW record!

 Took a train to the correct terminal…

 Stopped and had a delicious Chipotle lunch because I had tons of extra time from getting through security so quickly…

 Watched my plane get loaded with all the luggage

 and then felt like Mary Poppins soaring through the sky!

 Once I landed in TX, I was a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of flights happening…

 But my luggage arrived. 

 And I made it to 4mulafun’s house and the “made it’s” began!


First, we put together 500 exclusive bundle CDs to represent 10 math teachers ( 

 Then I took some time out to love on my new friend… Sookie!

 Oh, and we needed to eat.  So we ate at Angry Dog grill – AMAZING burger… it was so good, I demolished it BEFORE taking a picture.

Then we stood in line fore OVER an hour for a donut from Glazed.

 Yes… it was worth it!  Check out all those flavors!

I had a cherry glazed donut topped with bing cherries…. sooooo delicious! 

 After getting home and crashing for the night, we woke up Sunday and started pulling together more CAMT, then headed to Fort Worth to set up camp!


4mulaFun and I worked throughout the afternoon to get the booth just right!

Yep… you’re seeing that sign right “meet” MissMathDork…as in the avatar 🙂 Cannot wait for you to see those pics!

Banners with Melonheadz graphics looked amazing too!

Did I mention there is a CD to purchase at our booth? EVERYTHING on that table is included on the CD electronically!  That’s over $120 worth of TpT goodies!!!  Oh, and did I mention it’s almost 80% off?!  (Make sure to read below for more info on buying your own even if you aren’t at CAMT!)

I have 3 relays included in the bundle!  Spooky day Integers, Spooky day Multiplication facts and a school supply relay template 🙂  

After a great day of set up we went to Uncle Julio’s and had the most delicious Tex-Mex!

Then, after getting back to the hotel, we decided we needed dessert…. sweet potato creme brulee?  I think so!


Oooh check out who is making an appearance!  I definitely had some funny looks when I headed to breakfast!

Can you tell that I am enjoying the food WAY too much… check out this almost too beautiful to eat salmon rose…yup, you guessed it bagels and lox for breakfast before the conference began.

 4mulaFun and I took a quick moment before the conference began to strike a pose! DYNAMIC DUO!

I can’t even believe I dressed up like this!  BUT it was soooo well received!  Craziness!

Did I mention that Danielle from Live.Love.Math stopped by to say hey!  Love her!

 Day one was SUPER awesome!  We ended up going back to the hotel and passing out pretty quickly… I was so tired I didn’t even take a dinner pic… oh and Jenn and I barely talked at dinner we were exhausted!


Day 2 of the conference … Having WAY too much wearing my THIS GIRL LOVES MATH shirt (with matching pink dice earrings to boot!)

 Did you check out the amazing tool belt my Mother-In-Law made me?  Super nerdy and super mathy!  LOOOOOVE!

 Jenn’s husband dropped in on day 2 of the conference to bring us mathematical cupcakes!! 

 The company was called Cupcakes Cubed and they were just that…. CUBES!!  So clever!

 And then…. I met two more of my FAVORITE people in the TpT/Mathematical world!!!!

Elizabeth from Hodges Herald

 and Donna from Math Coach’s Corner!

Mathematical gurus!!!  Donna has pooled a bunch of the mathematical bloggers together and we’re going to be doing some awesome collaborative posts!  Be on the look out!  I’m sooooo excited for it!!!

Wooooo!  What a week it has been!  Thanks for sticking around through such a loooooong post!!



Oh good, you stuck around!  Thanks!  you aren’t going to be disappointed (at least I hope not!)  So that CD I was talking about… we have some left over!  AND we want to pass along that good fortune to you!  $125 worth of goodies on a CD for $25 – That’s 80% off!!  Check out the picture below for details!  10 mathematical names that if you follow me, you should know!  Some GREAT activities here! 

Activities included (but are certainly not limited to): writing in the math classroom, improving writing skills in your mathematicians, content relays and templates, TEN content order ups, 3 flippables, content number mazes, math libs and interactive white board activities, fractions, decimals, error analysis, REAL WORLD applications!!  Whether you teach 4th or 9th… there are activities for you!  You can re-mediate AND enrich with all the awesome goodness here!  AND… this is a ONE TIME OFFER!

Okay, I’ll stop blathering now… where can you get this LIMITED edition bundle?  RIGHT HERE!

Find out more about the participating teachers and their products at and hop along this link party.

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