Monday Made It : 2 AWESOME Etsy stores!

Full disclosure…. I don’t have a classroom this year – I have (or will have – it isn’t ready yet) an office.  Because of this, I have found myself being less crafty this summer.  In some ways this makes me sad, in other ways…. I’ve found some awesome Etsy stores that have made me some AMAZING pieces for my 14-15 school year (kiddos come today by the way! EEP!)

I knew I wanted to have a math theme in my office (remember the artwork from this MMI? – yes it’s still FREE!) and I knew I wanted a unique piece that only I had…. so I started scouring Etsy and found  Letters of Love Design.  I really enjoyed what I saw on her front page (see below) and I sent her an email.

In my message, I asked her if she could spell out the word MATHEMATICS in very geometric shapes.  In no time at all, she sent me multiple options.  I asked to change one letter out for one that I liked a bit more and then I sent payment.  Nikki was wonderful to work with and made sure to keep in contact with me as she went through her process.  A few weeks later, I came home from CAMT with an odd shaped box at the door and I knew EXACTLY what was in it!

Nikki took great care to package and wrap my sign!  
Dozer was very curious as to what was happening and enjoyed chewing on the box later in the evening.
Ahhh!  My first view!  LOOOOVE it!
Here’s a close up of the MATH portion.  LOVE how angular those letters are!
And here is an idea of how long my sign is.  Final measurement was  37 inches wide x 5 1/2 inches tall.  It will be PERFECT for my office wall once I get in ! 
You can also find Letters of Love Designs on Facebook HERE
My second Etsy store that I want to share with you is a VERY NEW store!  My adorable friend Tabatha Carro (you may know her as FlapJack Education).  She recently opened an Etsy store called Little Buwo where she sells the MOST adorable little cards!  As soon as she posted a sample on Facebook, I jumped on the chance to order!  
Once the package had arrived, I quickly opened it to find adorable packing on the inside too!
I had two sets of cards made up (and personalized) First the “a note from” cards.  I had half of them say Mrs. Riggs and half say Jamie so I could use them with teachers AND students.
My second order were “thank you” cards that I also double personalized.  These owls are so stinkin’ cute!! I cannot wait to give them to someone!  If you look close you can see that each card has a 3-dimensional aspect to it as well (bows above and flowers below).  TOO cute, Tabatha!  
You can follow Little Buwo on Facebook HERE
As always, a HUGE THANK YOU to Tara for her WONDERFUL link up!
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