Good Questions for Math Teaching K-6 week 5

I’ve really been enjoying reading the Good Question Books!  I absolutely love all the great examples they give and can’t wait to share them with my teachers in August… yes, August 4th to be exact! YIKES

If you haven’t had a chance to join us in our double book study yet, you aren’t too late!  You can pick up the two books by clicking the links below AND the past two weeks posts are at the end to help you catch up!

Okay, here’s how it will work –  each week one of the four of us will “host” a section on our blog.  This week’s section will be from the K-6 book and will be hosted by Meg from The Teacher’s Studio  Just head over there, read her post, and comment with your thoughts on the section.  Meg will lead the discussion and the other three of us will chime in and try to keep the discussion rolling!  We’d LOVE to have you join us!!

Make sure to head over to Megs blog today (link above and below!) or click on one of the past links to catch up

Week 5: K-6 Book with Meg Anderson – Word on the street is there may be an AWESOME FREEBIE ON THIS POST!
Week 6: 5-8 Book with Jennifer Smith-Sloane
Week 7: K-6 Book with Jennifer Findley
Weekk 8: 5-8 Book with Jamie Riggs

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