Monday Made It; math art, spanakopita, and mathy earrings! (and a freebie!)

One of my favorite parts of summer is being able to link up EVERY Monday with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics. 
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You may have noticed, however, that I have yet to link up this summer…. I just haven’t had time to make anything substantial yet!  However, I have had a few small projects that I’ve been working on AND I have a HUGE project that I plan to work on in July and cannot wait to post about it in August (probably as my MiRL for that month!)
Anyhoo… here are a few of the smaller things I’ve been working on 🙂
Just a few days ago, I posted my Summer Reading List and briefly talked about my excitement of being a full time Instructional Math Coach this year!  Instead of spending my summer thinking about how I want to change my classroom around, I’m thinking about what I want my office to look like.  Yeah, I get an office!  Thankfully, I spent a ton of time packing up my classroom, giving stuff away, and bringing stuff home at the end of summer to prepare for the downsize. 
I decided my office needed to be decked out in math art!  The other day I bought a really cool piece off of Etsy from Letters of Love Designs that I can’t wait to arrive so I can post about it and show it off!  And yesterday when I was shopping around Big Lots I stumbled over a new piece that I instantly fell in love with and had to have!!
It’s 30″x 36″ and it’s going to look amazing on the wall!
A few nights before I found this mathematically awesome piece of art, I was wide awake but not really wanting to be productive.  Soooo… I decided to play around with some of the amazing fonts I have and created this:
If you click on this picture, it will take you to a link where you can download it for yourself, FREE!  The same picture has 4 different boarders so you can decide which one you like the best 🙂  I plan to print it on a vibrant color and put it in a simple black frame 🙂  I hope you enjoy it!
One of my good friends, Marie, and I have talked about making homemade Spanakopita for years.  Recently, before heading home to Cleveland for the summer, we decided that we needed to make this cheesy spinachy goodness for lunch and we dove in!  I won’t go into details here because the July version of Math IS Real Life will show you tons of pictures, relate the task to mathematics (an not just as a recipe) AND there will be a great freebie that will help promote mathematical discourse in your classroom (and can be used at many, many grade levels!)
Click on the picture to go to the MiRL post (post will be live on July 2nd)
If you know anything about me, you know that I LOVE fun, nerdy, math earrings…. so over the past few months, I’ve been dabbling in creating jewelry (well, I should say that I pick out what I want made, and my amazing Mother-in-law, Judy, helps make it happen!)
 My personal favorites of the bunch (and the ones I wear a ton…) are the abacus, the bright dice and the rulers.   Aren’t they adorable?! I’m still working on getting them all posted, but I’m hoping that by putting them on my blog that will get me in gear!!

Okay… I’m headed out to read more posts and see what all my teacher friends are spending their summer making!  Make sure to check out Math IS Real Life on Wednesday! 

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  1. Love the Math art! Will be printing one off for sure. Thanks so much!
    I am sure that your office will be the most “mathy” office around once you are done with it!
    p.s. Now I’m craving spanakopita!

    • Thanks Kim! I can guarantee my office WILL be the most MATHY office around the school! Check back tomorrrow for my MIRL post where I break down the steps of the spanakopita AND I have a freebie that *should* promote great mathematical discourse!

    • Hey Terri!

      I used Publisher (though you could use word or powerpoint) and just created a texxtbox for each word. There was a lot of cropping the textbox to be the correct size as well as “sending forward” and “sending backward” to get everything to fit properly 🙂

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