May Slantbox arrives!!!

Remember when getting mail was more then just getting bills or spam in the mailbox?  It’s so exciting to come home to a package with your name on it!  When I heard about SlantBox I just knew I wanted to join in.  
I’ve been a slacker getting this post up – the school year ended and I was immeadiately whisked away to a wedding weekend for my cousin, then came home for a day and went straight to a math conference!  Here I am now, sitting her enjoying my Sunday evening and thought to myself….’hey! go post about the Slant Box you received…’, so here I am doing just that.
I was so incredibly blessed with my first SlantBox match up!  Stacy DiNello (Funky Fresh Firsties) was in charge of sending me love and I was in charge of sending Sara from Butterflying through Teaching a box of goodies. (I was super lame and forgot to take pics, so thankfully she did…. check out her post)
Stacy, as usual, was super adorable with all she does.  She even added a cute touch to the mailing address of the box!
 When I opened th box I was super stoked! Look how adorable everything is!!   
 She sent the most wonderful mason jar mug with my glasses on one side in vinyl and my name on the other!  I can’t wait to take that to school with me next year!
Stacy also sent me a 31 storage tote – which I used on BOTH my wedding trip and math conference!  It’s great for storing hair drier, curling iron, hairspray, make up bag, shampoo…etc… AND fits nicely in my luggage without taking up too much space – LOVE IT!
And, as if that wasn’t enough… Stacy also sent the nicest note and a starbucks gift card to me!  Somehow that didn’t get pictured – oops!  
A HUGE thank you to Stacy for the goodies and Jameson for the awesome SLANT box idea!  I can’t wait to see who I’m connecting with in the June/July edition!
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