Math IS Real Life – June Edition: let’s get fit!

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You may or may not remember (I won’t hold it against you…) that my OLW for 2014 was ACCOUNTABILITY.  Until recently, I had been very bad about keeping my word to myself… and then I looked over on my bed side table and realized that I had a FitBit that I hadn’t been wearing and I put it back on…. (first I bought a new orange band for it b/c I love orange….)

There is something that happens in my brain when I wear my FitBit… no really!  When I wear my FitBit I find myself doing laps around the cafeteria during breakfast duty, I find myself walking the long way around the school building to get to my meeting.  It’s a strange phenomenom, but I kind of get addicted to it…  You already know how much I love numbers, and data, and facts… well FitBit actually overwhelms me a bit with the amount of information it gives me.  It turns into a game or challenge for me to light everything up green by the end of my school day.  Also, I made myself another blog (no you can’t search it, it’s hidden and needs approval… but I write a post each night about my day to keep myself accountable….UGH!)

Anyhoo, back to the overwhelming information that FitBit gives me….

The picture on the left is a weekend…. I don’t do a lot of moving on the weekend b/c I’m usually blogging or creating something new (aka sitting with a computer in my lap) but you may notice hte active moments are at 60…  can you say treadmill?!  1 hour of treadmill at 3.5 mph gets me a HUGE chunk of my daily steps / mileage and all of my active minutes.  Then the rest of the day evens itself out and I get all my greens in!

The  picture on the right is a typical school day – I move around the school A LOT!  But, I still have to come home and do at least 20 minutes of treadmill to get my active minutes in.  Yes, I’m moving and grooving, but not nearly as fast of a pace as on the treadmill.

Dozer is curiously cautious of the treadmill….
Streaming a movie helps me not think about being on the treadmill!
The second thing that FitBit showed me is something that I have always known about myself, but now I have graphical proof!  I am a VERY heavy sleeper.  The pic on the left is from the weekend.  The large red line is because I fell asleep on the couch, woke up around 2 or 3 am and walked myself to bed and went back to sleep.  The picture on the right is a typical night – minimal tossing and turning and solid sleep.
In addition to all the cool data features the phone app provides, there are a ton of features on the!  Check out this data (I’ve added in some questions you could ask your students…)
After 3 days, I’m at 56% of my weekly goal…. If I continue at this pace, will I make my goal?
This graph shows me exactly what I know… that I move a lot at school, but not at a fast pace! I need to work on upping the yellow and the red!
I’m consistently hitting 10k steps a day…. should I up my steps to 12k? How would the graph change if I did that?
According to this graph, I’m “on track” for my goal…. Why are there spikes on the S days? How could I increase my daily average?
What information can you gather from this graph? Predict what the next 3 days will look like…

See what I mean about overwhelming, yet addicting?!  I find myself tapping my wristlet all day to see how far I am in my daily 5 mile goal.  I try very hard to have my 5 miles BEFORE I leave school, but that doesn’t always happen.  I also find myself trying to predict where I think I am in my daily goal.

Anyhoo…. this is how I am currently keeping myself accountable…. numbers! Might as well surround myself with things I love!  Thanks so much for stopping in this month 🙂


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