Monday Made It : Tasty recipes sent to your door, an awesome new cup, and adorable magnets!

This month’s Monday Made it is all about awesome stuff that people sent me!  
Recently my husband came across a website called  This whole idea of this website is pretty awesome!  When you first log on you are greeted with various menu items for the week.  You can filter by “land”, “sea” and “veggie”.  Each week has around 7 different plates to choose from.  There were so many tasty options but we decided to try the Moroccan Beef Tangine with Squash and Couscous (we typically are pretty boring when it comes to food so we decided to step out of our comfort zone and have fun with a new food experience!).  We ordered out four plates (we decided to have some friends over to try it too!) and waited patiently for our food to arrive later that week. 
On Wednesday, our food arrived and I was super excited to see how well packed the food was.  Inside the box was an insulated bag and two ice packs.  All the food inside was very cold and you could tell it was super fresh.  
 I love that everything was pre-measured and almost completely prepped! AND, it came with a cardstock, full color print out of the recipe that was super easy to follow!
On Saturday night (our friends were coming over Sunday) I sliced up the meat and began the dry rub marinade.  This could be done for as little as five minutes, but we decided to go full force and marinade overnight for full flavor.  
 We also decided to dice up everything so that it was fully prepped and ready for cooking on Sunday.  This consisted of dicing up the butternut squash and the shallot.
 On Sunday, I pulled out the dutch oven and started following the directions.  Saute beef with shallots (MAN that smelled amazing!!)
 Add tomato sauce, chicken base and garlic… Simmer and thicken….
 Add squash cubes….
 While that was cooking, make the cous-cous….
 Fluff and flavor the cous-cous….
 Plate and enjoy….
The entire process was so easy and the end product was so tasty.  The best part is that it’s so affordable (less than eating out at most restaurants) AND it allows us to try new recipes in the comfort of our own home.  Many times we tend to stick to the “typical” orders so that we aren’t disappointed.  Hubs and I decided that we would make the food, and if we didn’t’ like it, we could always make something else.  It’s a safe way to take a risk!
If you want to try it out, I’d love if you used my referral code 🙂  
Also, the first time we visited there was a $20 off coupon on the page that we were able to use right then!  AND, you can be a member for $10 a month which saves you 20% off of each plate.
**I am in no way affiliated with I have not been compensated in anyway for this blog post. I spent my own time and money to purchase items that were used for my entertainment/dinner and my opinions and ideas that are expressed are that of my own.**
My second Monday Made It was not made by me, but by my friend Tara of And They All Fall Down made me the cutest magnets using my Melonheadz creation 🙂  Look how cute they turned out!  If you haven’t seen Tara’s TpT store, you should check it out…. she has the cutest additions for ANY classroom! 
My third Monday Made It was ALSO not made by me, but by my friend Kaci of Mrs. Hoffer’s Spot and purchased as a birthday present for me by 4mulaFun.  Kaci personalized an awesome insulated cup for me in my favorite color.  It has been ALL THE RAGE at school.  Everyone has commented on how awesome it is.  You want one?  Check it out HERE
And finally, my Fourth Monday Made It is brought to you courtesy of a Snow Day Indecisive “fat moment”.  It snowed (again… what’s new, right?!) so I felt obligated to bake.  I couldn’t decide between chocolate chip cookies and brownies….so I created “brownkies”
 I made homemade CC cookie dough and spread it on the bottom of a 13×9, then made brownie batter and poured it over the top…. I had never attempted this and wasn’t sure what to expect…. but it was PURE BLISS!!  I ended up taking it to school the next day because, well because that is WAY too much to not share.  The container was empty in less than 15 minutes! 
I will DEFINITELY be making these again!!
Holy cow… what a month!  What did you make this month?!
  A HUGE thank-you  to 4th Grade Frolics for the link-up! 
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  1. I just discovered your blog and love it! I LOVE teaching math too! I’m in Korea this year teaching English but plan on coming back to Texas in August. Oh, and holy cow! Those brownkies look freakin’ amazing!!! How long did you bake them for? And at what temp?
    Southern Fried Teachin’

    • Hi Angela! Welcome to the blog! The brownkies were sooooo delicious! I may need to make them again soon! I cooked them based on the brownies box time and temp (Ghiradellis triple chocolate!)

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