Math Valentines for your kiddos!

Hey all!  It’s Jamie from MissMathDork here! Valentine’s day is RIGHT around the corner and in case you hadn’t heard ….
…consider yourself warned!
Anyhoo, I was looking for some cute nerdy, math Valentines for my kiddos and couldn’t find any… so I made some! AND… I want to share them with you!!
You can find these super cute, super nerdy math Valentines HERE!!
and here’s a cute preview of what you are getting:
Adorable, right?
What are you waiting for? You have less than 3 days!  Print those bad boys out!!  And… enjoy your Valentine’s day and potential 3-day weekend!
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  1. Haha! Your graphic at the top made me laugh out loud. I didn’t realize that Friday was a full moon too! This is going to be interesting.
    Thank you for sharing the adorable Valentine’s freebie! It’s so cute, I can’t wait to use them next year. 🙂
    Loose Shoelaces

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