Monday Made It: an office, some curtains, a new blog and OLW!

Happy 2014 to each of you!  This is one of my absolute favorite link-ups and I am always so excited to sit down and put all the fun creations into one post!  This month is no different…. here we go!  You’ll notice a theme today…

Monday Made It #1 – The Office

Hubs bought me a sewing machine for Christmas.  I spent quite a lot of time over my break hanging out in there.  But first, I took a full day to clean and organize it.  I bought photo boxes, and containers to put everything away neatly.  I’m trying very hard to start a new leaf with organization (we’ll see how long that lasts!)

Monday Made It #2 – The Curtains 

Once I had the office made, I realized the afternoon sun was kind of brutal (see pic above) so I worked on making new curtains!

Monday Made It #3 – The Website 
Once I realized just how much fun having my own sewing machine was, I started to think about putting all of my stuff up on my blog… but then I decided not all my math people wanted to see my sewing stuff…… so I made a new blog just for sewing!  I kind of had a vision of what I wanted it to look like in my head and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how it turned out!

I’m sure there will be other craftiness on there too 🙂  Who know’s where my new adventures will take me!  Don’t worry, I’ll still be posting mathi-ness here! I just don’t want to overwhelm people with quilting stories if they aren’t interested!

However, if you ARE interested in following, here’s the link:

Monday Made It #4 – OLW
And finally, I decided that my One Little Word for 2014 would be ACCOUNTABILITY.  To remind myself of my word, I made this cute printable that I have since framed and put in my office (yes, in orange and raspberry!) to keep reminding me of my plan.  I want to be accountable for lots of stuff…. I want to try to stay on top of grading, organizing, my TpT, my health, my personal sanity, giving myself rewards, my family, money etc.  WILLPOWER would have been a great word too… but ACCOUNTABILITY isn’t just a personal word like WILLPOWER is… ACCOUNTABILITY can be for holding others accountable too and not just allowing them to take advantage of situations….

Anyway, here is my reminder! Cute, eh?

  A HUGE thank-you  to 4th Grade Frolics for the link-up! Happy 2014 to each of you!

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    • Thanks Alison. My grandmother showed me the basics when I was much younger, but I’ve been itching to jump back in for quite a while. It’s been such a relaxing outlet this past week! Thanks for stopping in!

    • Okay… here’s the plan, ready?! You come here and enjoy Dozer time. Keep him occupied and I will work on your projects 🙂 It’s a win-win-win for all involved!!!! <3

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