Monday Made It – a festive tree, thanksgiving activities, middle school conferences and a SNOW day!!!

Holy heck… it’s December!  Not only is it December, but Christmas is 16 days away…. panicking yet?!  It’s been a quick month so far and we’ve been doing tons of fun stuff since I shared with you last.  I have 4 Monday Made It’s to share with you this month…. so, sit back, enjoy the arsenal of pictures, and leave me a few happy comments – I know it’s busy, but let’s face it, blog comments make everyone a bit merrier!!

Monday Made It #1 – The Christmas tree

Okay…okay… I didn’t actually “make” the tree, but I did decorate the heck out of it!  Our Christmas tree belonged to my grandfather.  My Papa (‘pawpaw’) was RIDICULOUS when it came to Christmas…. if it was tacky, covered in tinsel, made noise, or sparkled incessantly… well, he owned it.  He always made the season such a joyous festive time.  Every year when I pull out his tree I remember whoa a jolly old soul he was and it makes me beyond happy!  This year I was especially blessed when putting up our tree as my sister, niece and nephew showed up to help!  Here is the final product.

Here my 3-year old nephew, B, helps me put on the lights.  He is fascinated by the sparkles and wants to put all of “the balls” on the tree. He’s a great helper!

 And then there is my 1-year old niece, A, who wants to play with all the sparkly pieces and REMOVE all the “bah” that B puts on the tree.  Simply adorable!

It took a bit, but she finally took a break from all of her work!  

Our dog, Dozer LOVES the tree.  Most nights you can find him laying with his head under the tree on the skirt as the lights glisten down on him.  I’ve yet to be able to snap a picture of him doing so… but I’m trying!  He always looks so peaceful.  I can almost picture Papa on the ground next to him petting his as he snores. 
Monday Made It #2 – The Christmas wreath

I cannot take credit for this AMAZING wreath! BUT I can give a HUGE thank you to my awesome mother-in-law for making it for us!  She got into a really big wreath making kick last year and I just LOVE how ours turned out!  Such fun colors and sproingy (yes, that IS a word!) pieces all over!  

Monday Made It #3 – In the Classroom

Recently, the 7th grade teachers at my school used my Turkey Day Relay to review functions. Here are some of the ADORABLE pilgrims they produced! 

ALSO, if you didn’t get a chance to see the salt ornament project that we did in my resource class two weeks ago, you should totally check it out HERE!  LOVED IT! (recipe and freebie included!)

Monday Made It #4 – Middle School Conferences

So, I broke down and made business cards.  Well, actually, I revamped them again.  BUT I liked this newest design so much that I may have went a bit overboard and purchased 5000 of them.  CRAZY… yes, BUT I got an amazing deal on them AND I am in the process of getting them ready to send to Michele Luck who will be going to a few middle school conferences around the U.S. (the next one being in Texas!)

Anyhoo… this is what 17 pounds (5k cards!) looks like!  YIKES!

But they are SOOOOOO cute! AND, they have a freebie QR code on the back!   What’s that? You haven’t downloaded my 4 free posters?  CLICK HERE to go check them out – the freebies are in the preview!  If you like the 4, you can grab the entire set PLUS a handout for your kiddos in the full product. 

AND…as if the posters weren’t a fun addition…. my mother-in-law and I came up with the idea to add some fun mathy earrings too!  Soooo… I searched on  the internet for some cute math charm-type items and came up with these!  I know… I know… SUPER CUTE and SUPER EXCITING!!! Maybe you need to head to Texas to pick up a goody bag from Michele’s table!

I’m also in the midst of creating an entire photo album of “preview” pages for my TpT store to send to Michele!  What do you think?
We have a SNOW DAY (the 1 inch forecast turned into 7 inches!!) tomorrow so I plan to get many, many more of those pages done while relaxing here on the couch!  I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stay focused though… Dozer keeps head-butting my leg begging to go back out to play in the snow!  He goes out every hour or so.  Here are some adorable pictures that I took of him today in various stages of our snow fall.
 He doesn’t look happy in either picture, but he just bounds and bounds through the snow!  It’s adorable. 

  A HUGE thank-you  to 4th Grade Frolics for the link-up! A very blessed holiday season to you and your families!!! 

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