Deck the Halls with TpT. fa la la la la…. la la la la!

‘Deck the Halls with TpT! fa la la la la… la la la la!  Come check out the playlist made my meeeeee!  fa la la la la …. la la la la!  
Yep, you guessed it!  I’m getting into the festive holiday spirit.  I’m still stuffed from not 1, but 2 Thanksgiving meals, and now 3 nights of leftovers!  WOOOO, going to need to start working some of those calories off!  But before I get started with my workout, I need to share this super fun Linky Party with you!  I’m linking up with my friend Christina at Buntings, Books and Bainbridge to share with you my holiday Playlist! 
(click on the picture below to go to her awesome blog and see other amazing TpTers who are linking up too!)
You can’t have a festive time without some festive music…. so bring on the playlist!
I want to share 3 songs with you from my playlist.  If you click on each picture it will link you directly to the product.
First up…. I’m dreaming of a Holiday Product!  Not only are you dreaming of a holiday product, but perhaps, in your dream that product was free?!  Yep music to your ears!  Check out this Linear Equation Gift Tag Match-Up!  A perfect activity for your Pre-Algebra or Algebra classroom!
Hmm…. I think it’s time for our next song…..  Oh Management! Oh Management! What’s that?  You’re dreading the next 15 days of school because you think the kiddos will be whackadoo?!  Then you need something that is super engaging and will have the kids begging to participate!  I have the perfect ideas for you!  Classroom approved even!  Check out the glowing feedback the relays have received!
And finally… the ever popular… Walking in a Math Wonderland!  Do your kiddos not know what it takes to be a good mathematician?  Then these 14 colorful posters are exactly the gift you need!  Not so sure… download the preview on the product page and get 4 for FREE!  These make a great bulletin board, or wall art.  There is even a handout for your kiddos to keep in their notebook for an occasional reminder!  
And there you have it… now you know what is rocking on my TpT Playlist! 
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