The Teacher Studio Giveaway(s) AND a potential freebie for you!

I am so delighted to share this amazing GIVEAWAY opportunity with you!  My dear friend, Meg Anderson over at The Teacher Studio (you may know her from our summer book study, or our monthly Math IS Real Life link-up) is have an “ALL NEW” Giveaway.  She’s just had a blog make-over and it looks AMAZING!!!!  To celebrate, she has teamed up with around 60 TpT teacher-authors to give you some awesome free items!  Each day you can win twelve $10 shopping sprees!  What better than to win AND to be able to pick items that will work for YOU!
I chipped in to help her on TWO different days!  Yep, you heard that right, you have TWO DIFFERENT chances to win a $10 shopping spree from my store!

On Wednesday, November 13th this link will go live and you can use it to enter the 4/5 Giveaway

On Thursday, November 14th this link will go live and you can use it to enter the 5/6 Giveaway
Each link will have take you to her site with her daily post.  The rafflecopters for each Giveaway will be open for 48 hours! 
AND…. to sweeten the pot for each of you, I want to make a Turkey Day Relay for someone!  Leave me a comment below telling me a SPECIFIC math content that you would like a relay for and I will make it and send it to you!  The more specific you are, the better chance you have of being chosen!  Suggestions such as “decimals” and “8th grade math” are way too vague and you likely will have topics covered that aren’t helpful to you!   If I choose YOUR design, you get the relay for FREE!!!  Make sure that I can get in touch with you!
So… enter Meg’s giveaway to win 12x$10 shopping sprees AND leave me a comment so I can make YOU a NEW relay for your classroom!
If you would prefer to make your own, here’s the link!
Oh…. and one last thing! I’m blogging over at All Things Upper Elementary today! I’m writing about decks of cards and the MUCH NEEDED discovery conversation that we need to be having with our students before using them in our classroom!  I’d love for you to pop over there and weigh in on the conversation πŸ™‚
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  1. This is an awesome way to engage students! So creative! I would love ones focusing on multiplication…specifically 3 digits by 1 digit, 4 X 1, and 2 X 2! We are also starting long division this week on 2 x 1 digits and 3 X 1 digits. Either turkey relay would be AMAZING!! I just found your blog through the giveaway and I’m already glad I did! Thank you!

  2. I love this idea. I would love to have something that includes computing with rational numbers. There is nothing I have found that has students computing with positive and negative decimals and fractions!! You could be the first (and make every Middle School Math teachers and students day).

  3. Today was the first time I used your relay activity in my class. It was so much fun to watch my students today! They also had a blast while reviewing for their test tomorrow. This a great idea – It is worth all the time it took to make my relay from your template. Keep those great ideas flowing!

    • Thanks so much, Valerie! I completely understand how long it takes to fill out the template! I debated a long time about making them or not and decided to. Having the template is so versatile! You can use it multiple times AND you can even differentiate within your classroom without the students even realizing! Thanks so much for your kind words πŸ™‚

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