Monday Made It – Interactive word wall, tasty recipes, and a “new” deck!

Um…. where did October go?!  It seriously flew by!  Granted, I was ridiculously busy in October (you may have noticed the lack of blog posts…. sorry!).  No really, October was nuts… I was out of my classroom 8 different days – none of which were sick days.  I was doing observations at other schools, writing test bank questions for our state, and attending state math workshops.  Sadly, nothing holiday related has been made yet… hoping to fix that VERY SOON!  For now, though, check out some cool things that happened in October!
Monday Made It #1
In on of the many observations in October, I saw the coolest word wall.  Okay, maybe it wasn’t the coolest, but I loved the idea.  I think many teachers just have a word wall for the sake of having a word wall.  The teacher I observed made a personal word wall for each of her students AND the students were responsible for adding the words to it.  After the class was over I asked about the interactive word walls.  She said a teaching partner had seen the idea at a workshop and brought it back.  Unfortunately she did not have a name to credit it to.  I did ask her if she minded me sharing the idea – she did not. That being said – this is NOT my idea, if it is yours, please let me know so that I can properly credit you!  Thanks

Here’s how I recreated the Interactive word walls:

You need 2 tab folders, a pair of scissors, packing tape, a marker, library pockets (or envelopes that you are willing to cut!)

Put your two folders together and tape securely.  Make sure to leave a gap between them – not huge, maybe 1/4 inch.  I didn’t do this on my first try and it bothered me that my book wouldn’t close and lay flat.

After taping, crease along the tape line to form a hinge. Your book should fold-in on itself.

Put a title on the front.

Open your word wall book and start attaching the library pockets.

Four fit nicely on each page.

Be sure to keep the pockets away from the folding hinges.

The inside of your word wall book will look like this – 16 pockets.

 Then start adding pockets to the back.

The ‘flip-side’ should look like this.  Keeping the 3rd pane empty will allow for the back to be blank.

After getting all the library pockets in place, I added the alphabet letters.  I debated how I wanted the letters to go for probably too long…. I couldn’t decide whether the first page should say
or whether the pockets should be in order left to right across the entire book.  I ended up going in the linear style.  The teacher I observed had the letters the other way.

The back of the interactive word wall looks like this. 

When you close the book, it looks like this…

…and the back cover looks like this…

The teacher I observed had piles of index cards around hte room.  Whenever she introduced a new word, students would grab their interactive word walls and an index card and write the new word.  As a class they would look up the math definition using  Then, also as a class, they decided on a more kid friendly definition.  I really like how much she gets her students talking about the definition.  They also draw a picture to help them remember.  After they have done all their writing, they file the card in the correct letter pocket.  
What a great way to get kids to take responsibility for their own definitions AND keep them organized at the same time!
 Monday Made It #2
This month’s ladies learn was a recipe exchange / cooking extravaganza.  We each signed up for various parts of food for the weekend – main course, side, snacks, etc.  Then we brought all the ingredients, and the recipes.  We enjoyed making the food for each other, eating the food, and enjoying each other’s company.

We also played Chicken foot for hours!

Any who, since I made the recipe cards to share with them, I thought I’d share them with you too! 
Thanks to: The Enlightened Elephant for the awesome frames, Mr. Magician for the rocking papers, and Kimberly Geswein for the amazing fonts!
 Monday Made It #3
And finally, the deck… okay, okay, I didn’t “make it” but it did have an overhaul!  This month we had our local handyman come and give our deck a face lift!

I don’t have a before picture because I had parent conferences the night before he was able to come pressure wash the deck…. but you can imagine what 4 years of yuck looks like!

Here’s how awesome the deck looked after being pressure washed!

AND here’s how awesome the deck looks after being stained and sealed!
It’s rained here the past few days so I’m giving it a another day or so before moving the grill and fire pit back to their spots.

We just love how rejuvenated it looks!  Almost brand new!!

So there you have it… my October “made it’s” in review! 
  A HUGE thank-you  to 4th Grade Frolics for the link-up! The holidays are around the corner and that always means SUPER FUN creations around here!….  Until then, happy creating and thanks for reading!

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    • The teacher I observed had each student keep them in a special slot in their desk. This allowed students to pull the WW whenever they needed to look up a word, or have it quickly at their access whenever they were studying their vocab or adding new words. You could tell the teacher had ingrained the importance of using your resources. The kids referenced their books at various times during the lesson.

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