• Elizabeth, I’m so glad it worked too. It’s put both of us in a better place in that classroom. AND the popcorn bar was SOOOO fun. I will totally be doing that again in the future! HUGE hit!

    • Thanks so much, Kerry! The popcorn bar was a huge hit AND I love how much the binders are keeping us organized this year. As a resource teacher it is MUCH easier to teach organization skills!

    • It’s worked really well! I had heard of blurt chips before, but never needed to use them. Now she can talk when she needs to by raising her hand and other kids (AND ME!) are not as annoyed 🙂

      5th and 6th grade is so much different than 8th and 9th!

    • BC… that’s my lovely’s initials. I decided to put initials on them as I was pretty sure if it worked, I might need to use them with other kiddos. Now they can differentiate which ones belong to them. It seems silly, but she has taken ownership of them, and doesn’t want to give them up!

  1. Do you have all of your resources for the math binders on Teachers Pay Teachers? I teach middle school math and saw your page from the binder regarding “MEAN” and I would love to get copies of your pages!

    • Hi there, I do have many resources on TpT, but the one you are referirng to is a math poster by Jennifer Runde. If you look in between the pictures above you will see a direct link to the posters. Hope this helps!

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