Currently: School craziness and September?

Somehow in the midst of all the school craziness, September has crept in…. YIKES!  
Listening – HGTV Love it or List it.  I have a love/hate relationship with this show.  I LOVE the idea of the show – fix my old house while I look for a new house…. but the constant bickering of the two hosts drives me nutso!  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a marathon on any channel to use as mindless white noise as I catch up on my to do list!  (Aren’t there usually marathons on holiday weekends?!)
Loving – This has been one whirlwind of a weekend.  My cousin is getting married we had one heck of an engagement party for her this weekend at my sister-in-law’s camp.  There was tons of food, family, crazy activities – giant 40 foot swing, zip line, rope course, giant jenga, cornhole, etc.  It was a major 2 day event and as part of the family hosting it I was there from sun up of day one to sun down on day two.  I may have even come home and slept from 10pm until noon today…. don’t judge! Having today off has been a blessing.  I have a MEGA to do list for my classroom and need to play catch up on my blog that has been kind of  neglected in the last two weeks as I’ve been in school.  
Thinking – speaking of to do lists…. I need to write about 5 blog posts today and get them queued up for this week!  And I need to come up with something fun for mu kiddos this week!  They’ve been great this past two weeks!  LOVE THEM!
Wanting – and also speaking of to do lists…. Is there a way for the cleaning to take care of itself?!  YIKES!  My house is beyond disgusting at the moment….
Needing – my poor blog is so neglected the last two weeks…. I have some great posts I’m writing today.  Cannot wait to share my first 2 weeks with you, including some fun activities, and…. don’t forget!!  The Math is Real Life was a great success last month!  Make a blog post about how you have used math in YOUR real life and link up with me on Wednesday!  Linky open for one week 🙂
Love oneself – I need to get in better shape.  This is easier said than done at the moment.  My thyroid (or lack thereof) is acting up again and the docs are messing with my meds….. SOOOOOO I need to keep moving (which is why I’m sitting here now writing ALL of these blog posts!).  I’m wearing my FitBit and tracking my walking like a crazy person.   Also, I need to make sure I eat lunch during the school day.  Sometimes the day gets too nuts and  skip it to get “extra” time.  Not this year…. I will eat it every day.  no. matter. what!!
And finally, a HUGE thank you to Farley at Oh Boy 4th grade!!  for her amazing monthly link-up!!

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