Monday Made it…. the beginning of the reveal….

In the past week, panic mode has set in. You know how it goes – you realize just how much needs to be accomplished in a very small amount of time.  The back to school nightmares start (yes, I have had a parent yelling at me in ever dream I’ve had this week).  The school supplies start piling up (you would swear looking in my living room that I have at least 3 children of my own… we have none!) The do list get OOC (out of control) and well… the take out nights begin!
This past week I went in to school 4 times.  3 of them were for meetings and 1 was unannounced.  I told no one I was in the building, closed my doors, put as few lights on as possible and got some work done.  (I should mention that I am in charge of math placement for our 1300 students – hence angry parent nightmares, and having to go in so much lately!)
Anyhoo…. Maggie (my awesome sister in law you met a few weeks ago during MMI) and I were able to get a decent amount accomplished…. no, nothing really got made, but I feel as if I’ve been piecing parts of my classroom together all summer for MMI and felt that revealing  parts of it here only made sense…..soooooooo here is my classroom so far  (by the way… I start back today…. I’m actually probably in a meeting while you are reading this!) and much more *should* happen to it this week…. in theory!
First things first… had to separate all the math department supplies and make sure everyone got what they ordered.  Currently these are taking up all of my desk space!  I cannot wait to hand them all out tomorrow so that I have room to maneuver!
“In progress” view of my window bulletin boards covered in black contact paper.
I am so in L.O.V.E. with how these turned out.  NO I do not know exactly what I will be doing with these…. but I have a week to figure it out.  Oh…and I have 5 classes this year instead of 4…. good think I made a 5th board!
If you know me, you know I usually hang all my nerdy math shirts on the walls…. that’s not so easy to do on concrete walls…. but at least they aren’t bare.  Still trying to figure out how else to cover them…. I’m seeing WAY too much white!
My other set of walls… still too bare, but getting better.
My Tigger Shrine is up!  Just need to spread more T-I-double Gah- ER fun around the room!
The “in progress” of my entrance as left two a week ago.
Finally got the bracket pieces from my custodian so I could put away all my binders.
Organized the math department supplies that I purchased with left over department money at the end of last year.
and worked on my classroom door. 
I still have a TON to do…. but it’s getting there.  4 days and 3 nights until 5th grade orientation…. I CAN DO THIS…. right?!
And…. I almost forgot!  A HUGE thank-you  to 4th Grade Frolics for the link-up!
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  1. I noticed you were trying to think of a way to hang your shirts- one thing I do with our rooms that are also cinder block, is hang clothesline from the dollar store through the ceiling tiles (tie it is a couple places) and then clothespin whatever I want to hang up. The past years I have done various anchor charts on them. Many teachers in my building are following suit since there isn’t much good wall space to hang on. Good luck setting up!!!

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