Monday Made it – oh no! It’s August!

Sooo…. The problem with summer coming to an end is the custodial staff at my school is kickin’ it into high gear to make our school look amazing for the coming year.  Our custodial staff is amazing! Unfortunately for me they were waxing my room and the hallway leading into my room when I tried to get in to my room this week.  Soooo….. I had a major minor panic attack and drove back home (have I mentioned that I live about 40 minutes from my school…. so this added to my anxiety of not being able to get into my room).  Anyway, I came home and decided I need to be productive regardless.  So, instead of working on my massive to-do list, I made myself a teacher planner.  I know, I know, you’re probably saying to yourself…. “self, didn’t this whack job make herself one of those already?”  Well the answer is YES and NO…. I made myself a TpT planner but I didn’t want to take that to school – I try very hard not to mix my home and school life.  SOOOO… I started thinking…. what do I need for my job to make my life a wee bit easier?

Well, I have a rather unique position in my school.  I work with math resource kiddos half a day and I work with the four grade level core teachers the other half of the day.  So I needed something to keep my thoughts organized with them, as well as all the math department to do’s and the leadership team to do’s.  I also needed FUN, EXCITING and COLORFUL, as well as the obvious calendar.  Here’s what I came up with:

Super fun and bright cover!
2 pages to keep log in information for all my 7th and 8th kiddos.
2 more pages for 6th and 5th grade!
first of four colors for my calendar – berry!
second of four colors for my calendar – lime!
third of four colors for my calendar – cyan!
fourth of four colors for my calendar – purple!

Between each of the months I have 4 pages – 2 meeting notes, 1 leadership team, 1 math department – all shown below.

You may have noticed my grades are color coded- Berry (8th), Lime (7th), Cyan (6th), Purple (5th).  This page will be to keep notes for each of my teacher meetings.
This page is for my bi-monthly Leadership team meetings.
This page is for my monthly math department meetings as well as my monthly down town math meetings.
120+ pages of 80# paper = 1.5 inches thick!!   
Front and back cover!

I absolutely LOVE how this turned out.  I am excited to sit down with it tonight and fill in all of my school calendar dates.  Maybe I’ll use Meg’s idea about using Washi tape!  Hmmm….. oh the possibilities!

And…. I almost forgot!  A HUGE thank-you  to 4th Grade Frolics for the link-up!

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  1. I keep thinking every single time I see one of your planners that I WANT one too…so what is holding me back? I change my planner every freaking week at school! I swear that I can never find one that I like, or the schedule changes etc. I make up my pages and print them out sort of every 8 weeks or so. I then find something has to change, and I throw out weeks and make up new ones. If I could come up with a way around this…I would SO LOVE to have one of your planners made for me Jamie. Maybe we could do most of the parts..and I could have some pages that change? I could put it in a binder rather than have it spiral bound (although I love the binding)…what do you think? Am I just too unpredictable for a teacher planner?

    • Oh girl…. mine is super thick! 128 pages! AND… they didn’t mess up this time and actually printed in it on cardstock. I was slightly in shock when I picked it up!

    • My schedule is so crazy that there are days that I honestly don’t touch my computer until after 4pm. This planner will be my school life. OMGOSH I hope I dont’ lose it!!!

  2. Where did you get the cute backgrounds? Was it made in publisher? I love it, and I am in the process of trying to make my own, but it looks very “office” and not very cute. I love your blog!

    • Hi Sheila! The black and white backgrounds are the color match papers by Mr. Magician. The fuschia/lime/purple/blue papers are School Daze papers by Amy Alvis that have been color matched to my logo.

      I did make my planner, and all my planners on TpT, using Publisher – absolutely LOVE publisher! I’ve never found a planner I was completely happy with…. so I made my own from scratch 🙂

  3. Your planner looks so awesome! I was thinking about making my own, but was worried about the printing cost. Do you mind me asking how much it was to get it print and bound?

    Thank you!

    • Color pages run 50 to 60 cents a page. Binding runs $2-$5. Paper weight can make your cost vary greatly. An 80 page binder runs about $40ish if you use a coupon on

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