Five for Friday (my first one ever!)

So this summer I’ve been working on joining more blog linky parties and making myself be more consistent about blogging multiple days a week and not just “when I feel like it.”  So….. here’s my first link up with Doodle Bug Teaching’s
This week has virtually flown by!  Thankfully, I took lots of pictures (what’ new, right?!) and documented some of the craziness that was my week!
1.My sister-in-law is a rock star and helped me for hours the other day in my classroom.  She was the Queen of Contact paper!  Well, when we got home she asked if I wanted to help her glaze her freshly fired pottery and I said yes!  We had a ton of fun chatting and painting.  I learned the proper way to glaze (no you don’t just paint it all on!) and how to use wax the correct way to help you “stay inside the lines!”
2.  I had a ridiculous sweet tooth this week…and when I came across this recipe on FB this week…. I just had to try it! They seemed way too easy not to try!  SOOOOO EASY and SOOOO TASTY!!  LOVE them!
3. We recently had a backyard overhaul (I’ll be blogging about this next Wednesday!) and now have a patio off the deck, stairs off the deck onto the patio, and a fence around the perimeter.  This means Dozer can go out and run and play without a leash on – he’s soooooo in love!  He will often come over and asked to go outside and then just lay on the patio or in the grass for a few minutes. 

4.  My husband has an awesome “man cave” and he’s commented that he wouldn’t mind me hanging out in there some nights when he is on his computer.  The problem is there is nothing other than a computer chair to sit on and well…. that’s just not comfy.  Well, not any more.  I was given free reign to find a seat to put in the room.  I found this couch for a really good deal and it was delivered Wednesday!  Now there is a comfy place to create and blog at night!  LOOOOVE!

5.  You can tell that teachers are starting to prep to go back to school…. how you ask? I’ve been making planners like a crazy person!  Just yesterday I made 3 in one afternoon!  I have a feeling this will be the norm in the coming weeks!
Well, there you have it!  My week at a glance šŸ™‚  Thanks so much to Doodlebugs for hosting!  
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    • They were so yummy! and sooooo darn easy!!! Dozer LOVES his back yard. We love going out and running and playing kick ball when it cools in the evening šŸ™‚

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