Currently….sigh…. August!

UGH…. It’s AUGUST!  The smell of back to school is definitely in the air and panic mode HAS SET IN PEOPLE!!!  
Listening – Friends…. gotta love this show!  It’s great to have on the background when doing mathy stuff.  I just finished doing a test analysis for a parent who is trying to move their student’s math placement.
Loving – The first two weeks of July were UNBEARABLY hot…. we had back to back heatwaves, very little rain, and a heat index well over 110 for almost 2 weeks straight.  The last two weeks we have had AMAZING weather… upper 70s, lower 80s, a nice breeze, very little humidity, nice afternoon showers.  Dozer has been enjoying his newly fenced in back yard and patio off the deck!  We’ve been hanging out outside more in the mornings and early afternoons and it’s been so nice.
Thinking – this doesn’t even warrant explanation.
Wanting – see above…
Needing – see both above…
Back2School must haves!
  First, you need FUN, bright colors to make your room enjoyable for both you and your kiddos!  You can find out all about the fun colors that I’ve been using HERE, HERE, and HERE
Flair Liquid Expresso Medium Point Pens
I NEEEEEEED to order more! My husband stole….er, borrowed all of the ones that I ordered because he is also a pen snob.
4mulaFun has this awesome Math Ice Breaker to help students find how math relates to their daily life.  This will be a great way to start off our notebooks!  Click n the picture above to go check out Math About Me!

And speaking of math relating to real life!  A few of us are hosting a NEW, MONTHLY LINKY for math!  Click on the picture below to read all about it!
And finally, a HUGE thank you to Farley at Oh Boy 4th grade!!  for her amazing monthly link-up!!

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  1. I had my kiddos do math about me last year. I love the pic idea – maybe take it on the first day of school and keep them until open house or the end of the year???

    Alos, I love the font you used. What is it?

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