Concerts, Cupcakes and Back to School! …. it’s Five for Friday!

YIKES!!! I didn’t post last week… and this week was the first week back at school and well…. I’m exhausted!  BUT!!!  I felt the need to post some pics!  So I’m linking up with  Doodle Bug Teaching’s
1.  Okay so this was last week…. but I wasn’t here to write about it!  SOOOOO…. My brother-in-law, sister-in-law, best friend and I went to see Matchbox 20 and GooGoo Dolls in concert!  We had lawn seats and about halfway through the GooGoo Dolls were asked if we wanted to UPGRADE our seats for FREE….. um. YES!  Awesome seats, awesome night…. a great throwback to highschool/college!

2.  First week of in-service went well.  I came home on Friday and treated myself to tasty-tasty cupcakes!  
3.  Back to school Meet the Teacher night went well for 5th grade students!  It was a VERY long day (almost 13 hours!) but it was TOTALLY worth it to see all the new, exciting faces in our school building!  Schools in the summer are such lonely places!  I used my new mini-me by Crystal Fox!  LOOOOOOVE how it turned out!  I may or may not have worn that exact outfit that night!

4.  A certain, unnamed bully, is not very happy that I’m back at school.  While working at the table this week, he decided jump up on the chair and hang out next to me.  Mornings are super rough. He just stares at me like I am forever abandoning him…. but evenings are so fun.  I walk in the door and he bounds over and attacks me as if he hasn’t seen me in YEARS!
5.  I haven’t blogged about this activity yet… but I will be soon.  We’re almost done with the write-up portion of the activity.  This was BY FAR the BEST opening day team building activity that I have EVER done!!  Make sure to check back to learn all about it! 
Okay… that was my two weeks at a glance.  Now it’s 8pm on a Friday which can only mean one thing…. time for BED!  This chica is exhausted!
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  1. Save FRED is a GREAT activity! I used it last year when I was in Science. I wish I would have done it again this year! Looking forward to hearing hows yours goes!


  2. Love the newsletter that features your doggy! I almost feel inspired to to do one with my two cats. Trouble is it would be phony if I had them smiling angelically like your dog, and maybe not set the most welcoming tone to portray them as they really are (at each other’s throats). 😉

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