Classroom time, rewards, I WILL!, supplies and an awesome linky!

It’s Thursday night and this week has been CRAZY!  Honestly, I almost didn’t even write this post because I didn’t think I took any pictures this week….  Then I went through my phone and found out I WAS WRONG….so, here I am linking up with  Doodle Bug Teaching’s
1.  I wasn’t able to get into my classroom on Monday like I hoped.  So instead, my good friend Meg Anderson made me these awesome Mathematical Practices posters!!  LOVE them and cannot wait to get a moment to breath and get them hung in my room!!  LOVE these as much as me?  check out one of her sets HERE!!

2.  Tuesday and Wednesday were beyond nuts in my room…. I didn’t leave until almost 3 and worked through lunch.  Have I mentioned I haven’t gone back to work yet… nope, just went in to get stuff done.  Anyway, I treated myself to Sonic…. cranberry limeade, philly cheesesteak and onion rings!  YUMMO!

3.  My amazingly awesome cousin Stephanie is getting married!  What an absolutely adorable way to ask!  Of course I said YES!  I mean c’mon- how do you say no to NO butt bows, NO ugly colors and NO puffy sleeves?!  WOOOP!

4.  Today (Thursday) I spent the entire day in my room with my AMAZING sister in law, Maggie ( you may remember her from this post!) who I bribed into working on my room for, oh…. 9 hours…. Anyway, one of the MANY things we did was unload all $1100 of math department supplies, sorted them out, and fulfulled all 22 teachers requests 🙂

5.  Finally, I am sooooo incredibly excited about our new linky!  Math IS Real Life.  I was also incredibly excited that people ACTUALLY LINKED UP!!!  WOOOOO  Yes, I know it’s only 8 people… but it’s our first one and we hope to grow our linky in the coming months!!  GO CHECK IT OUT!!

Well, there you have it!  My week at a glance 🙂  Thanks so much to Doodlebugs for hosting!   Next week is the first week back for teachers…. hoping to grab some great pics and start the school year off right!
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    • Hi Abbey. Our school gives us $50 at the end of each year to spend at Office Depot. We are allowed to use the money on very specific items. I gathered the orders from all 22 teachers and placed it at the end of the school year. This week, when it was delivered to my room, I was in charge or sorting and dispersing the proper order to each teacher.

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