Back to School Bonanza

SAY WHAT? Back to school?!  Yep!  I’ve been back for a whole week! Kiddos come on Monday!  We just had back to school orientation for our rising 5th graders and the ENERGY was AWESOME!!!  It’s so freakishly weird to have a school that is SILENT in the summer…. I’ve always compared it to the hotel in The Shining!

Anyhoo… I’m pairing up with some AMAZING bloggers and we’re HOPPING it up!  16 blogs – 16 survival tips and 16 Freebies!  Sounds awesome, right?!  WELL IT IS!!!

Soo….. I don’t know about you, but the first week back is BACK-BREAKING!  So my survival tip is very practical – WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES!!!  People…. this does not always mean the CUTE shoes!  For me, personally, I can’t wear anything with an arch or a heel. – MAJOR shooting pains when I wear either.  My COMFORT shoes, surprisingly, are flippy floppies and/or ballet flats.

And now…. you NEED a freebie!  Here’s my most popular one recently!  I do hope you enjoy them!

Click on the picture to download the classroom labels!

So…. you got a tip… you got a freebie!  NOW go below, enter the GIVEAWAY!  AND then hop on over the next blog!  Make sure to visit all 16.  REMEMBER…. everyone loves some comment lovin’!

Best wishes to each of you on an amazing school year!

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