6-8 we didn’t forget you! (and a thank you for your patience!)

First, I must apologize….. the intention was not for these two bundles to go out back to back…. but it happened.  My sincerest apologies to all of my readers for back to back blog posts about buying something from me…. I’ll make it up to at the end of this post!  STICK WITH IT ALL THE WAY TO THE END!!! (and don’t skip past all the middle stuff!)
Click on the picture above to go straight to the Educent bundle!
It’s an exciting time of year for us teachers! I am excited to celebrate by having this amazing deal for you along with 16 other bloggers and Educents!
You’ve seen these before I’m sure…. here’s a fun write-up by 4mulaFun who used them with her 7th grade Sped class!
And that’s just one product.  Check out the rest of the products below that you also get in this limited time bundle from Educents!  

This bundle is only available for a short time so you will want to head on over to get it before it’s gone!
Okay….okay….you’ve waited long enough!!!  As my THANK you to each of you dealign with all the advertising lately…. I’d like to offer you the change to WIN a FREE personalized planner design!  It’s super simple… just leave a message in the rafflecopter below!  Also, make sure to click on the links of the people below and follow them  – they are some absolutely amazing educators that I am proud to call my friends!

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  1. Jamie,
    I know you will roll your eyes if I win this giveaway! How would I ever make up my mind right? Well I narrowed down the colours, I do have something to show you eventually when you have the time! Thanks for running the giveaway and your bundle is awesome! I got left out this time:( Maybe winning a planner will make up for it!
    Hope you are having an awesome week at school!

    • Girl… I would NEVER roll my eyes at you! I told you – shoot me an email about what you want and it’s yours! No really…. by the time I get home, I expect an email! <3

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