Monday Made It – Using contact paper and working on my classroom!

The Monday Made It link up is bittersweet to me…. it means another fun week of amazing ideas by some awesome educators…. but it also means that another week of summer has slipped away.  With that being said, this week’s MMI was not hosted at my kitchen table as it usually is, but rather in my NEW, very bare classroom!  In this week’s addition you will also meet my AMAZING sister-in-law, who gave up a ridiculous amount of her time to cover my classroom in contact paper!  (Thanks a mil, Maggie!!!)

Are you ready for this weeks barrage of pictures?! Brace yourself… there are a ton.. again!  BUT make sure to stick it out all the way to the end because today is the FINAL day of the ATUE Beat the Back to School Blues giveaway and you don’t want to miss out on all the awesome resources available to you!
My new room is in a very remote part of the school (I’m not going to lie… I’m kind of in love with that!) and there are two windows in it that look into the loading dock room.  When I arrived in my room it was covered with these lovely pieces of paper.  While I LOVE my alma mater, I just couldn’t deal with looking at this paper all year.  
Maggie came in and worked her magic!  
First she measured the window space, then she measured the contact paper.  Her rotary cutter came in super handy!
Maggie was so patient with placing the contact paper on the windows.  I’m pretty sure that I would’ve thrown it on the floor and stomped on it multiple times!
After completing the window (to be revealed later in the post!) we moved on to this gorgeous piece of furniture!
This one went a little faster, mainly because gravity was helping out!
I ran out of my colorful duck tape  I plan to go back and edge this piece of furniture this week when I go into school.
The final piece of furniture that was covered was this table.  I use this table for 1-on-1 and small group work daily.  
Again, the top turned out great, and I plan to edge it with the duck tape on Wednesday!
While Maggie was being a rock star, I started organizing manipulatives!  I dumped out boxes and purged, and organized and re-organized.  Tons accomplished!
I also started organizing my colored paper!
And remember last week’s post about the keys…. Now they are taped and labeled!
After we finished cleaning up a bit, we started staging my new “bulletin boards”.  Just need a bit of ribbon and some 3M sticky tabs and these will hang beautifully!
Okay, okay, so I got a lot accomplished… but YIKES this is what my room STILL looks like!  Looks like I’ll be headed in a few more days before school starts to get this taken care of!!
And…. I almost forgot!  A HUGE thank-you  to 4th Grade Frolics for the link-up!

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  1. I teach in an old science room which has a permanently installed lab table. The top was painted by the previous occupant and it was an eyesore. I covered it with a nice speckled contact paper and it looks soooo much better.

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