Monday Made It – Behavioral “love math” charts!

A few weeks ago on Monday Made It, Christy Fultz from Ms. Fultz’s Corner posted about her awesome Top “Pop” Stars bulletin idea!  I instantly fell in love and have been trying to put my own spin on it ever since.

One big difference between Christy’s class and mine, is that I have 4 different grade levels spread over 4 different blocks.  So…. I needed to change up the design a bit.  I’m still waiting on a few pieces to show up in the mail from Hobby Lobby (yes, I bought them out of a ton of stuff the other day!) so that I can finish up all the boards…. but I did get at least one completely finished so that I can share the final product.

First, I gathered all of my supplies – Five 15×19 inch canvases, paper plates, paint, paint cup, throw away sponge brushes.

Then I painted the 5 canvases super fun colors (to match the labels from last week!)

I’ve been asked by quite a few people what colors I used:  American brand – Razzle Berry, Orange Twist, Citrus Green, Calypso Blue, Grape Juice

I had to play around with the size of labels I wanted to use…

But soon found the fit!

Then I printed off some labels of the correct size and picked up some other fun accessories at Office Max.

Next I had to decide how I wanted my colors to display…. I decided to have the MATH LOVE be the same color as the board, and have the other 4 colors alternate in the 4×4 pattern underneath.
Next I used 0.59 width washi tape to grid out my canvas  I put just a tiny bit of glue under the label to hold it in place.

Then after everything was in place, I removed the tape and Mod Podged the papers to the canvas.
And this is how each of them turned out!  After the Mod Podge dried, I used clear sealant to go over the boards one more time instead of Mod Podging it again.

In my head, I’m still trying to play out how I will use the boards.  I want there to be 4 different ways so that each quarter can be different.  I do know that I need a way to show all 16 combinations of MATH LOVE and I needed a place to keep all those combinations.  Soooo…. I found this awesome glass jar at Hobby Lobby, and spray painted it chalk board and covered it with fun duck tape to match my room.

I took my solid duck tape to my classroom the other day, but I plan to put the ML, MO, MV, ME, AL, AO, AV, AE, TL, TO, TV, TE, HL, HO, HV, HE combinations on a duck tape flag hanging off the keys.  I wanted something solid that would make a fun noise in the glass jar – these were perfect!  AND they can’t get broken so I can use them for years to come.  (BTW, I found these at Michael’s in the small dollar section up near the register – they had them in 6 colors…. I didn’t grab the yellow)

And finally, I found the correct sized clothes pins to hang on my canvas.  I could only find 20, so I have another 60 on the way from so that I can complete my boards!

I plan on giving each of my kiddos a 1.5 inch disk to write their name on the first day of school.  These fit nicely in the clothespin and aren’t overwhelming to the background.  (Theses disks also came from Michael’s back in the wooden aisle)
I also grabbed some other shapes in case I came up with other ideas…. one of them is “sink the Riggs” 0 much like Battleship but played by the entire class.  Good behavior by the whole class would mean a key pulled for the day so they could try to sink my invisible ship for a class reward during stations.  The ovals will eventually say HIT or MISS!

Here are what all three items look like on the board.  Still playing with more ideas for the board!  

So, there you have it…. that’s what I’ve been making this week!  Next week I hope to make this beautiful piece of furniture into something more appealing!

Stay tuned!

And…. I almost forgot!  A HUGE thank-you  to 4th Grade Frolics for the link-up!

Get your FREE LOVE MATH labels HERE

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    • Michaels Craft Store in the wood aisle. They had lots of sizes. The tiny disks were 20 for 3.99 (about 19 cents a piece). The larger ones were purchased individually at 29 cents a piece. Also, don’t forget to take your teacher badge with you to Michaels – 15% off for teachers every day!

    • The keys were in the dollar spot in Michaels (that aisle as you walk up to the register). They had them in 6 colors (yellow included). I wanted something that would clang int he glass jar (I know, I know… who wants noise?! But for some reason, that seemed more fun!). Anywho, they were $1 a piece (or really 85 cents a piece after your teacher discount!)

    • Better than I imagined too, Meg! Had a ton of fun with this! My husband can’t wait for the rest of the clothespins to come in so that I will clean up my mess!

  1. Oh my goodness, these boards are to-die-for cute. I don’t know if I’d have the patience do this five times! They turned out great.

    I need to stop by Michael’s and see if I can find those keys. I don’t know if I would use them for anything, but I am a sucker for keys of all shapes and sizes!

    First Grade Frenzy!

    • Thanks so much, Nicole. They were definitely a labor of love, but I really enjoyed making them.

      The keys were an amazing find! LOVE the dollar aisle at Michael’s!

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