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So throughout the school year I have seen tons of amazing blog posts that link up with the Monday Made It.  Until now, I have just been an outsider looking in and while that’s fun… it’s way more fun to join in!  So welcome to my very first….

The other day I needed to be productive… I had even planned to be productive.  The patio guys were supposed to show up, and I was supposed to be here all 5 or 6 hours they were.  Then at 10am I got the call that their digging machine wasn’t working and they would be over the next day or two.  UGH…. okay, well since I wasn’t needing to be at the house for 5-6 hours, I decided to do what any other rational person would do…. go to Michael’s.  Going to Michael’s for me is almost as bad as going to Target – I’m not leaving without spending at least $50 (thankfully I remember to take my teacher badge 15% off!!! I found that out accidentally when I went in one day after school and had forgotten to take it off!).

Anyhoo…. I came home with all of this…

Okay… so the plan was to make fun new letters for my new classroom and then a cool new clothespin thing I found on Etsy via Pinterest.  So here goes:

Supplies needed:

  • wooden (or cardboard, tagboard, styrofoam, etc.) letters to spell out a word or name
  • fun scrapbook paper (I prefer the card stock weight)
  • mod podge (I bought Matte, I own about 15 kinds though….)
  • sponge brushes (I always buy new ones because I prefer to use and toss them)
  • Clothes pins
  • Thumbtacks / magnets

And now for an onslaught of pictures….

Choose which paper to go with each letter.  I chose to have smaller, more geometric on every other one and large, more chaotic on the middle two. I thought it created somewhat of a balance without being too overwhelming.
Trace your letters upside down

Cut, and mod podge to the wooden letters.  I use very thin layers of modge podge and go over the letters WAAAAY too much!  I’ve learned less at a time works better and WAIT until it dries.

project 1 complete!
Using the same pad of paper, I chose 3 fun colors to make my colorful clothespins.

I started cutting out one at a time (see bottom left) and quickly got tired of that, so I figured out a faster way.  Measure the width of each clothespin.

Then use your scissors to cut a long, straight length.  You can trim afterwards.

Add mod podge to the clothespin, then place the paper on the modge podge.  I then laid them face down to dry so the paper didn’t puff up.
Trim the length and sides if necessary.
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3

If you find the right width, using Washi tape is EVEN SIMPLER!!!! and just as, if not more, CUTE!!
Both projects in coordinating colors!

So I didn’t finish the clothespins yet.  What is supposed to happen, is you are supposed to hot glue a thumbtack to the back.  That way you can put the clothespins on your bulletin board and NOT punch holes in all the art work your kiddos make…. the problem, I’m moving rooms and I cannot for the life of me remember if the board in my room is a cork strip or not.  SOOOOO… I’m waiting until I see my room again.  My thoughts are if the thumbtack part falls through, I’ll put magnet strips on the back and put them on my file cabinet and white board.

I’m super excited for next week!  I’m not creating anything this week, but I do have something to share with you that I created over spring break this past year!!!

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