The Perfect Personalized Planner

(Note, I will continue adding in picture of new designs as I make them!  Stop in occasionally to see different ideas!)

Okay, friends…. I had tons of comments on my personalized DIY planner, and even some email requests for it…. soo….. I’m going to start taking requests!

Here’s how it will work.  First, you purchase the Perfect, Personalized Planner through TpT.  Then, you email me with a little bit of information.  I make the planner, you proof it, then get it printed and bound at your local Copier Store (I used Office Max). Simple, right?

So, here is a preview of what you get!  (Edit: I’ve added in 3 more examples of ones that I have made in the last week)

AND…. to help you with the second part of your purchase… a simple tutorial of how to get your planner printed and bound!  I used Office Max, so I am walking  you through how to use their website.

Step 1: go to Office Max Website and find the PRINT CENTER option
Next, find the option that is labeled COPIES & PRINTS, BINDING & FINISHING
Next, ORDER AND UPLOAD your files 
Then, search your computer for the PDF file I send you, CHOOSE then UPLOAD and CONTINUE
Give your project a name and then click to continue
Next, Click on PRINT OPTIONS
Choose the OPTIONS that you want.  The ones that I used are shown above in the picture.  Make sure to click SAVE when you are done!

EDIT – I DID have a BINDING!!! It was a black, spiral binding!  I’m not sure why I left that option as none for the picture!  SO SORRY FOR ANY CONFUSION!!

Now, decide how many planners you want, and if you want tabs (I was too chicken to add tabs in for fear or it being messed up or not looking how I had envisioned!)

So there you have it!  I make your pdf file, then you go get it copied and bound.  Super simple!

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