Orange you glad…?!

One of the most rewarding parts of putting yourself into the blogging/teaching online world is the AMAZING people you meet.  I have been so fortunate to make some AWESOME friends this year.  I cannot say enough for how much they have supported me and helped me through the stressful (yes, blogging can sometimes be stressful!) parts of this year.

One of the first people I “met” on TpT was Jennifer Smith-Sloane aka 4mulaFun.  Both being lovers of math we struck up a conversation on the TpT forums one day and realized we had WAY TOO MUCH in common… no really.  I won’t go into details of how we are basically the same person living in two different parts of the United States, but just know that our lives parallel each other in the most uncanny ways.  We also Skype chatroom chat just about every night bouncing ideas off of each other, helping each other create new ideas for our classrooms, encouraging each other and sharing our products to be tested with different sorts of students in different areas of the country.
That being said, I received the COOLEST package in the mail yesterday from my dear friend, Jenn.
Zee mystery package arrives!
ooooh…. treats for Mr Dee are involved!
a SUPER fun bucket of all things ORANGE!
Why yes, YES I AM!
Words of encouragement from my friend!
All the amazing orange goodies:  Candy, nail polish, silly string, amazingly fun oversized glasses, a clapper, a suction cup gun, BUBBLES! “pup-corn” and a tug toy for Dozer,  TONS OF FUN STUFF TO MAKE THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR FUN!!
Real life MMD?  Do these make my head look too small?!  Hmm…..

The least non-blurry pic I was able to take as he was moving like a crazy man with his new toy!
Somebody LOVES pup-corn!

Isn’t she wonderful?!  It was so awesome to come home yesterday to an unexpected package that contained SO MUCH FUN!  Thank you Jenn for making this year AWESOME and for continually being such a GREAT friend, support, and motivator!

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    • It was a great surprise! Dozer loves his treats and we’ve been having fun being goofy around the house! I’m planning on enjoying some bubbles later on the deck… I think Dozer might be a fan of those too!

    • We have not. However, Meg, Jenn and I talk about the potential of meeting up all the time. Maybe we’ll all go to the same conference sometime! West VA, Wisconsin, and Texas are a decent ways apart though!

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