End of the Year wrap-up!

It’s official…. the kiddos are gone.  Yesterday was the last day for kiddos, and Tuesday is my last day.  3 work days between me and summer.  So, want to see what the last week entailed?  (this will be mostly pictures as I am….well, I am enjoying my pseudo sleeping in – WHAT?! an extra 30 minutes counts!!!)
First, I had to give a thank you to my teachers!  It was very small in comparison to what they deserved, but I like how it turned out  A pack of a gum and some color printed paper. 
 23 people…. didn’t break the bank πŸ™‚  
As for my kiddos, they’ve been working on an awesome End of the Year, Yearbook Dodecahedron by Mr. Hughes.  The kiddos LOVED this one.  There are 12 (well actually 13!) pages of memories for them to complete. 
The more colorful the better!  Then they fold….
And connect…. (this part can be tricky)
Oh! and there should be goodies whilst you are creating said dodecahedrons!  
And sometimes they are weird and smooshy if you dont’ follow directions…
And sometimes they are flat and yet, still symmetrical, even though NOT a dodecahedron, again from not following directions…
But the rest of the time…. they turn out perfect!  Colors! Memories! Beautiful mathematical art!
and then the kiddos are super happy!
And then the kiddos leave and the room breakdown begins….. 
…. so empty….
  I only had one set of tears this year.  Surprisingly usually my 8th graders cry (they are leaving the middle school).  This year it was a 5th grader who made my year, well, she made me dread coming to last block.  She stuck around so that she was the last to leave and asked to talk  to me…. then she broke down and said she would miss me and my class and everything about the room.  And she thanked me…. and then I cried…. UGH…. it’s always the ones you don’t think you are reaching that you actually are reaching.  What a great reminder she was to me. 
What was your last week like?  Do you have to break down your room?  Any end of the year breakdowns on your end?
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  1. That is a really neat project. love how you shared the not following directions ones. They made me chuckle.

    The last week seems chaotic to me and I mostly broke my room down. This year I was able to leave some things up because I don’t have to move rooms. Yea for that!

    Hodges Herald

    • The last week IS super chaotic! I found out today that I am moving rooms. Thankfully I anticipated it and broke down and packed up everything as the kiddos were creating!

      The non-directed dodecahedrons cracked me up too! Everyone needs a little comic relief in there day!

  2. Hey!
    LOVE this post. πŸ™‚
    It is SO fun to see that project being made in another teacher’s room. Thanks so much for sharing. I am so pleased that this year ended on a good (though maybe a tad soggy, note). I shall by linking this post to my product page so others can share your experience.
    Thanks again- YOU ROCK! WAHOO!
    -Mr. Hughes
    An Educator’s Life

    • Soggy!?! Yesterday I drove through the most terrifying storm to get to work! LOL thankfully it cleared up and just drizzled so we didn’t get electrocuted waving goodbye to the kiddos!

      Thank you soooooo much for the awesome project – we need to talk, I have an idea that could work really well with the dodecahedrons!!

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