1. I use matching or sort cards often in my classroom. it is a great visual for them because they get to manipulate the cards and see the matches happen. I would use some of the colora in the beginning and gradually add more colors or swap some out as they learn more.

    Jackie batchelder
    Richmond, va

  2. Great new game for functions! For more a more challenging match you could add the graphs of the functions. Looking forward to using some great ideas next year with my Algebra classes.

    • Thanks for stopping in, Ana! I actually did include the graphs of the functions, just mentioned them briefly above – they were the yellow cards 🙂 Great idea 🙂

  3. My students usually like sorts/matching activities. I’m hoping my 6th graders will take to them the same way my older students have…

  4. What a great resource that shows the different representations of functions. So many resources don’t have this variety. My students would love this. No matter what age matching activities are always fun. This could be used at different phases through the year. Fun for all!

  5. Excellent activity! My algebra kiddos love sorting activities! Not only is it engaging, but it gives instant feedback and develops the confidence they need to be successful on their own! Love!!:)

  6. What a great activity! My special needs kids always struggle with functions, and I love how you can choose what ways you want your students to represent the functions – great for differentiation!

    • The best part is using as many or as few of the representations as you want. I also chose which order I wanted them to match them. To make it harder I could have just said – go sort! Knowing my kiddos though, I knew the frustration would sky rocket!

    • Rebecca, They are not currently editable, but if you decided to purchase them, I could flatten the images into a powerpoint so that you could add photos of the QR code on top and layer them in. My only apprehension would be that doing so would force you to choose what order the representations would be shown in. Feel free to email me at and we can work something out. Just send me your TpT username for verification.

  7. I could definitely use these! I’m going to be moving up to 8th grade so I will have most of the kids I taught this year in 7th and they are going to need me to be even more creative to engage them. Plus the instant feedback is great for them!

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