Book Bloggin’ Buddies UNITE

Summer is quickly approaching which means I’m not going to have fun classroom stories to share with you!  SOOOOO, I’ve teamed up with three other AWESOME ladies to form a math book club:

Jennifer Smith-Sloane from 4mulaFun
Meg Anderson  from Fourth Grade Studio
and Jennifer Findley from Teaching to Inspire 5th Grade

We are super excited to announce that our first book for out book club reading will be NCTM President, Linda Gojak’s book What’s Your Math Problem?.  Click on the book image below to go straight to Amazon and purchase your book!

  And, if you prefer, you can get an EBOOK VERSION HERE!

Make sure to pick up your book and have the first chapter read by June 12th!  Then check back in to read our post and join in the discussion! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!!
Leave a comment below if you are interested in joining our summer book club!

EDIT:  Our over abundance of fans has SOLD THE BOOK OUT on Amazon!!  Soo…. here is a link to Barnes and Noble where they still have copies, and, the EBOOK version is still available above too!

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    • Getting PD hours would be super cool! I hope your school system offers a way for you to be able to do that 🙂 Let me know if there is anything I can do to assist with this.

  1. This sounds like a terrific idea and I would love to join you! Do you have room for another member in your book club? 🙂 I have a blog, and I can connect with you on FB or Twitter (@thatmathlady). You can reach me via email, too, Thanks!

    • There is tons of room! We’ll be posting out thoughts, by chapter on Wednesdays based on the schedule above. All you need to do is check in here each Wednesday and I will point you to the blog post where the discussion is being hosted each week! Then you just pop to that blog and join right in!

      I will follow you back on FB and Twitter when I get home tonight 🙂 Thanks tons!

  2. oOO I’d love to also but I won’t be able to get the book to Australia in time so will definitely follow your discussions on here and look forward to joining in another one!

    If you know any books in advance you will be looking at, I’d love to know so I can purchase in time 🙂

    Liz – BaysideMathTeacher

  3. I would love to participate in this book study! When you are the only math teacher for grades 5-8 it is difficult to have a professional dialogue with someone else.

  4. Would love to be a part of this but I will be camping and traveling much of the next several weeks. May I still join and pop in when able? I have downloaded the sample and will download ebook if I may join in. Thanks!

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