Currently… April! (and a freebie!)

Holy smokes… it’s April!  That means it’s time to Link up with Farley over at OH BOY 3rd grade! 

Listening – I love me some Big Bang Theory! I could watch it over and over and over and… well you get the idea!  Such great nerd humor!!
Loving – OMGoodness!  Have you seen my new MissMathDork avatar? If not, look up and to the right.  She’s all over my website!  A HUGE thank you to the Enlightened Elephant for making my mental image a reality!
Thinking – WOOP! Spring break…. okay, so it’s only a Monday and Tuesday BUT it will be so nice to sleep in and not have to be up at 5:30!
Wanting – I just bought the most amazing coral fabric with light  yellow swirls in it!  I want (need…see below!) to buy charcoal paint today to make my bathroom happen.  If I can do it today and tomorrow that would be AMAZING!  
Needing – Ugh… The plan today is 1) grocery shop 2) clean 3) buy paint.  IF I do all 3, I get to treat myself to a pedicure…. a very, very much needed pedicure.  Motivation… check!
Advice – Enough said.  If you aren’t happy, you aren’t doing it right!
Soooo… about that freebie!  I’ve been working on making new posters with my MMD avatar!  Tonight, I made a new set called “How to be a Good Mathematician!”  
This poster set contains 14 posters and you can find it HERE on TpT.  
I was so excited making these fun and colorful posters that I ended up making 14 posters (way too big for a freebie according to Paul!) 
sooooo…. I’ve posted the set as a product and conveniently placed a 4 poster freebie in the preview!  Go!! Download that preview! Tell me what you think!!  I’d love to hear from you!  Isn’t she adorable?!
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  1. Hi Jamie:
    Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. (I have to admit there was a little clapping involved… “WOW! Miss Math Dork left a comment on Currently!”)
    I love the posters! The four above describe many kids in my classroom. I hate seeing furious scribbling and then the exclamation of “Done!” I’ve decided that “Done” is usually followed by “Uh Oh.”
    I hope you accomplish the things on your To Do list–or at least the ones that make you happiest!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    • Kim – you are too sweet! Make sure to download the FREEBIE hidden in the preview!

      I’ve decided next year at my school I will be on a crusade to have teachers “teach” specifically what good mathematicians do! We’ll see how it goes!

      p.s. Just got back from Lowes… headed to the bathroom! We’ll see how it goes!

  2. I like your plan! Do the needs & treat yourself with something you want! I need to do that more often. Good luck paining the bathroom. I will be painting my whole new house on Wednesday & Thursday. It’s going to be an exhausting 2 days!


    • It was a good plan in theory! Just didn’t get the reward part… yet! Planning on going Friday after school now! Best wishes on painting your new house! It took me two days to do the bathroom! New construction sure soaks in that paint!!

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