Ta-da!!!! Introducing…myself?!

Recently, I was speaking with my friend Jen aka 4mulafun from Live.Teach.Create.  We were talking about fun new ideas we both had, and she suggested a new idea for me… “MissMathDork says”… “Hmmm… I like it!” I said.  We started  hashing out exactly what this new line would be…. posters, mini activities, simple, but informative tidbits of knowledge.  I wanted to start right away, but something wasn’t right, something was missing!…. If this was going to be done correctly, I needed a face on the product… I needed a MissMathDork.   So, without further ado….Meet MissMathDork!  No, I don’t mean me, I mean the “character” that has been created by the amazing Melissa aka  “The Enlightened Elephant” to represent my new line of products “MissMathDork says”.
Isn’t she absolutely amazing?!  I’ve been working with Melissa over the last two weeks to create what Melissa  has dubbed “a super dorky, yet super chic chick!”  I couldn’t agree more!  I love everything about her!  Her fun, bright colors; her dorky glasses; the fact that she wears both a bow tie and suspenders – yet at the same time rocks some cute heels and capris….. I am SO.IN.LOVE it’s not even funny!  Melissa was absolutely wonderful to work with!  She emailed me every step of the way and asked my opinion on each aspect of turning “me” into a cartoon character.  I’ll be honest, I was SUPER nervous when the whole process began.  I had a very specific picture in my head of what I wanted MissMathDork to look like.  Melissa not only drew exactly what I wanted, she far exceeded what I was imagining!  I even had a bonus new, super fun, just for me, glasses logo!  Here’s the in color version:
SO much fun!!  I want to give a HUGE, MASSIVE, GIANT THANK YOU to Melissa for her amazing creativity, her super speedy work, her attention to detail, and her patience with me during the entire process. I cannot imagine a situation that could have been any better on my end!  I can only hope I didn’t drive her crazy on the other end!  Thank you, Melissa.  I can’t wait until I’m ready to add in my side-kick!
You can also check out her
Okay, okay, enough about me, and my super chic dork!  Did you know Pi Day is coming up THIS THURSDAY?!  Yeah, Pi Day, March 14th…. 3.14…. get it? LOVE me some Pi day!  I’ll be posting later this week with all the Pi day shirts I own….. yes, I’m a nerd… but my kiddos love it!  Anywho, with Pi day coming up, I decided why not introduce MissMathDork AND do a pi day activity all in one!  Sooooo…..
click on the picture to be taken directly to the activity!

This activity set contains bright, informational posters about pi that you can hang up around your classroom.

As well as 16 task cards, featuring finding area and circumference of a circle (using both radius and diameter).

In total, you get 21 bright, fun, pi-related pages to use with your kiddos!  Don’t you just love those Silly Circles?  Those are from the Enlightened Elephant too!  Everything she creates is so amazingly fun!  As soon as I saw the Silly Circle clip art, I snatched it up and started creating! 
So, what do you think?  Do you like the MissMathDork says idea?  Leave me some thoughts or ideas below on what you would like MissMathdork to say something soon!  I’m thinking Algebraic Properties next…. but, I’m happy to hear your thoughts and idea!  Remember, if you are the first to request it, I send it to you for free to try out in your classroom!  Also, be specific with your topics!  Saying “statistics” is very broad… what specific features would you like to have based around statistics?!
Just a reminder – MissMathDorksays products typically will have – 
~some colorful posters to hang up in your classroom
~a mini lesson on the topic
~an activity on the topic
~a mini assessment of some sort.
~be relevant for grades 4 through Algebra (obviously not all at once!)
Send me ideas today!  I can’t wait to hear from you!
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  1. Love the new “Miss Math Dork”! If I knew I was going to be teaching 6th grade math again next year the list of products I’d want you to create would be a mile+ long! However, I think I’m giving up math and picking up more reading. We’ll see… Keep up the great work!!

    • I’m so in LOVE too!! Thanks so much for the idea! Melissa did an AMAZING job! I have another idea up my sleeve… he may make his debut in the fall πŸ™‚

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