Spring Break! (and the week leading up to it!)

The week before spring break is ALWAYS the longest week possible.  This week was no exception. I found this simply a-dork-able math comic that expressed almost exactly how I felt (insert the word teacher instead of student and it would be PERFECT!

To start the week of craziness, we had almost 6 inches of snow on Monday… yes, on March 25th.  Had it been colder, we would have accumulated well over a foot, maybe 18 inches.  It snowed from 10pm on Sunday night to past 11pm on the 25th.  It never stopped coming down (even though it was 40 degree outside). 

 So, we had no school Monday… for the kiddos this meant a 2 day week – Tuesday and Wednesday.  Tuesday wasn’t TOO crazy but Wednesday… yikes!  Wednesday was the 3rd Quarter celebration (a chance to celebrate kiddos who have had great behavior and academic accountability) so out schedule was a bit off.  This, in combination with a full moon, it being the day before spring, and that I gave them a pre-Spring break snack…. double YIKES!

 Plastic eggs + candy = super easy, inexpensive snack!

Anyway, I made it home after the day of craziness (oh and the workday we had Thursday!) and treated myself to delicious take out!  Sushi rolls and steamed dumplings!  So good!

 I decided I needed to have at least one day of productivity over break… so I spent today running errands.  Dozer and I started the morning with his annual vet appointment.  He had all of his yearly shots and a check-up…. a bill of great health and some snacks later, we were headed out.

I dropped Dozer off to play with his doggy cousins while I took care of some car business.  I stopped by the Assessor’s office and paid my taxes and then went to get my car inspected.  Being the dork that I am, I was super excited to see my new inspection sticker!  

 Now we’re watching some March Madness and enjoying an Italian dinner!  Can’t wait to see what we get into tomorrow!

What are your Spring Break… or weekend… plans?

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