Measurement war REVAMP!!

Back in October, I introduced Measurement Wars and it has battled it way past Fraction Wars to become my best seller.  I looked at it the other day and decided it needed a major overhaul…. so I spent the weekend making it look more visually pleasing, adding more fun colors, and beefing up the amount of measurement cards!!

Just in case you don’t remember what the old cards looked like, check out the original post from months back.  And…. here….. are the new ones!  Love how they turned out!

FREE: Measurement Reference Sheet!  <– super helpful for this game!
I hope you enjoy how much these turned out as much as I do.  If you have already purchased them, make sure to go back to TpT to “my purchases” and download the newest version for FREE!
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  1. Too funny! Just this morning, I went to download this purchase and print them and saw that it had been newly revised. I couldn’t get the link to see what was revised and I few hours later I get the email about your blog post. I sent the cards off to be laminated so we’ll be playing next week. Glad for the blog post with the reference sheet – that will be helpful for some kiddos.

    • Fern!! I am so incredibly excited about this! Ironically, I posted this week about how I used Measurement Wars in my classroom! I can’t wait for people to see that blog post too! Thanks so very much! I have 3 great freebies to link up tomorrow!

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