Currently… March?!

So somehow March snuck into my life….In like a lion right?!  Well today you wouldn’t have known it!  The school day was rather uneventful and then I came home and took a ridiculously long nap… like 6 hours long… yeah, not going to be able to sleep tonight… or am I?

Anywho, I am VERY awake at this given moment and decided I needed some Farley (from Oh’Boy 4th grade!) in my life, so I’m linking up with this month’s Currently!
listening – ah, Jack Johnson… you just can’t have a bad day listening to him.   If my resource kiddos are working quietly, Jack is on in the background.. He has this calm, soothing voice but a nice little beat to keep everyone in their happy place!    Have a bad day… throw the CD in on the way home and VOILA 30 minutes later in my state of zen.  SO GOOD.  If you don’t know Jack (haha?) here’s one of his most popular “Better Together” – this was the song hubs and I had for our first dance at our wedding.  “Banana Pancakes” is also a favorite of mine (and might be my ringtone…)

loving – I was beyond tired when I got home today.  I don’t know why, I just was.  So I parked myself of the couch for a power nap…. a 6 hour power nap apparently.  Needless to say I am very awake right now, but I feel much more refreshed.  
thinking – Okay, okay, I’m refreshed BUT I didn’t do any cleaning or packing tonight AND I’m going out of town for the next week!  YIKES!  There’s tomorrow right? Yeah, I’ll stick with that!  So, I’m headed to Arizona (what the what?!) for an A+ Effective Schools Conference all next week.  I’ve never been off the east coast so I am SUPER stoked to head out west and do a bit of site-seeing as well as hear all the amazing Key notes they are sending to the conference as well!  Check back next week for pictures and updates of the conference!
wanting-  apparently I’m jones-ing for some chocolate mint!  Shamrock shakes are the bane of my existence – they are sooooo good but so bad for me…. must have one…. maybe tomorrow…. yes! needs to happen!  Has to be the shake because I didn’t purchase any GS cookies this year (if they aren’t in the house, I can’t eat them….right?)

needing – Going out of town for a week has led to multiple long to-do lists…. what to take, things that need to happen before I leave, sub plans (yea.. not even GOING there…), math activities that I want to post before I leave because I won’t be doing anything TpT while I’m gone…. tomorrow I plan to knock out most of packing, and cleaning, and grocery shopping…. Sunday I plan to zone out and do as little as possible b/c I have to get up at 3am Monday morning… maybe it’s good that I took the nape earlier… I’m moving my sleep pattern already!
like, love, hate (J-style!) –  
Junkfood- what can I say… I like a good sweet and salty, horrible for you snack! 
Jewelry – I’m actually not a huge jewelry fan…. BUT my MIL makes the coolest, mist fun earrings for me all the time!  My kiddos LOVE checking out what earrings I’m wearing on any given day.  Always fun, always colorful, and if I can help it…. DORKY!  Here’s a pair she made me for Christmas!
Jealousy – need I say more?!
Dozer, my English Bulldog, is telling me it’s time to get off the computer… he’s about to be in my lap, all 65 lbs of him!  Time for some bully lovin’!  Have a great weekend! 
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  1. SISTER!!!!!!!!!! The more I read your post, the more I found myself nodding my head in agreement! Thanks to Farley at Oh, Boy 4th Grade for helping me find you!
    Yep to Jack Johnson. Wishing for the nap. (Up since 4 and asleep last night after 11.) LOVING me some Thin Mints, too!
    Have fun at the conference!!

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