Are you ready for some football?!

We are HUGE football fans our house!  Unfortunately for us, the Redskins didn’t make it out of the first round of playoffs – but we had a great year, and we’re excited for what next year will bring.  It was so nice to see how far the Skins came this year!  It’s been a long time coming! We had almost forgotten how nice it was to have a winning season!

Anyway, we’re super excited to watch the Super Bowl.  We usually have a few people over, order monstrously sized pizza from the pizzeria down the street and enjoy hanging out on the couch, yelling at the television all night!

This year, I’m super excited to announce that TpT is having a Sunday Super Sale!  That’s right, you don’t have to run to your computers during halftime – you can take care of all your class purchases any time on Saturday.  TpT is offering 10% off of all sales and I am teaming up and adding an additional 20% off of all my sales!  That’s a 28% savings!

Here are a few of the new additions to my store!  Click on each picture to take you directly to the product!

As requested, all 3 geometric situation cards in one bundle! 


Create your own Frosty Relay!  Any content, any review activity, be as creative as you want with this easy to use Power Point template.  Already has the text boxes ready for you!

Go check them out!!  Hut Hut!

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    • Great question!

      Discounts aren’t additive.
      Let’s use $100 as an example – if you take 20% off you save $20. Then you take 10% off the 80$ left and you get $8 for a total savings of $28 (which is 28% of 100)

      Alternatively, you could first take the 10% off of the $100 and save $10. Then you could take 20% off of the remaining $90 and save $18 for a total savings of $28 (which, again is 28% of 100)

      Either way, it’s great savings !! just don’t forget the promo code SUPER so you can get the extra 10% off!

  1. I linked up! This was my first time visiting your blog, and I love it! I was never a big math fan growing up because I don’t feel that I ever had any really good math teachers, but now I love teaching elementary math! If I had had you as a teacher, I think I would have loved math all along!

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