Thoughts and Prayers

It’s been almost 24 hours since the travesty at Sandy Hook Elementary started yesterday.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around the entire situation.  As an educator, I can’t help but put myself into the teachers’ place and be scared for my kiddos.

I think what is scariest to me is how very little could be done to prevent this horrible event.  I don’t want to turn this into a political post, so please don’t start advocating for gun law changes or what have you.  In my eyes, this man, well child himself, wanted in to the school.  No amount of gun laws, metal detectors, guards at the door, etc was going to keep him out.  This man wanted in and he got in…. period.

The details are sickening.  The images on the faces of those tiny students are horrifying.  My stomach is in knots.  How do I face my students on Monday?  What questions will they have, if any?  How will I react when they ask?

No words can really express how horrific this event is or was.  No words can really express how much this world is aching for this small community.  In this confusing time, we need to pull together and send positive thoughts, prayers and support to everyone who was effected, both directly and indirectly.

My love,  thoughts, and prayers continue to go out to the families and the community of Newtown.

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