Soaring through secondary blog hop!

I’m so excited to be apart of my first blog hop!  Most of the hops I see are for elementary but this one is middle and high school!  I love that the secondary population is becoming more active in the blog world and that we are starting to form very powerful partnerships.  The educational world doesn’t know what is about to hit them!  The Soaring Through Secondary BLog Hop is hosted by Teaching High School Math.  As you pass hop from blog to blog you will find some amazing products that are FREE to you!  Make sure to comment and leave constructive feedback on the products (we can’t get better unless we help each other!) and think strongly about following each of us for our future endeavors.

(If you ended up here without seeing the earlier blogs, you can go back to the beginning)
Other teachers in the Blog Hop include:

Science in the City
Science Teacher Resources
Live, Teach, Create
Miss Math Dork (that’s me!)
Mrs. O’Donnel’s Room
A Lesson Plan for Teachers
Night Light Lessons (spanish resources!!)
Life on the 4th Floor
and PoetGrl

Okay, okay, enough about the Hop, onto the free stuff!  My frosty relay was such a hit with the 5th-7th crowd that I made one for the high school crowd!  For the remainder of the 12/15-12/16 weekend I am offering it on my TpT site for FREE!  You can also check out the middle school version here!  The middle school version includes integers, properties, one and two step equations/inequalities and combing like terms.  The Algebra version includes writing equations based on given information about slope and intercepts.  (Please that you will not be able to leave a feedback comment after the 16th unless you purchase the relay!)

I truly hope that you enjoy one or both products!  Make sure to visit again this week, as I post about making salt pi ornaments with my students!

Now, hop on to Mrs. O’Donnell’s room!

Thanks so much for joining me today!  Wishing you and your family a safe, fun-filled, memory-making holiday season!

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