1. They actually weren’t that bad to make, Elizabeth. I did it all in one Saturday afternoon. I ended up making about 56. For 100+ you would just need about 2 more hours of time (I know, I know, hehe). This project was SUPER cheap (the most expensive part was the time it took to bake). A 5lb bag of flour is about $3.00, the salt containers added up to about $3.00. Water is free(ish). Just need the time to mix, roll and bake! I did it between wrapping presents 🙂

  2. We had great fun with this project. Most of my kiddos have never cooked and just the idea of working on a recipe and what a “batch” was lead to very interesting recipes. I think I’ll be looking for some time of no bake cookie (that doesn’t involve PB) to make with them soon. We need more real world work with recipes and fractions!

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