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Friday, December 21, 2012

Pi ornament reveal

This week has been so much fun!  On Wednesday, we worked on "ornament math".  Nothing fancy, just working on a recipe and some problem solving.

"Mrs. R has 44 students.  She needs to have one ornament per student, plus one for herself for each class.  It's also a good idea to have extras just in case someone messes up or breaks one.   

Your task is to decide how many batches Mrs. R needs to make to have enough for all of her classes.  Support your work and be able to defend your reasoning.  
You must show :
1) How much of each ingredient was used
2) Approximately how much time was used to bake the ornaments"

Students worked together as a class and decided that I needed to make 5 batches of ornaments.  Which included 10 cups of flour, 5 cups of salt and 3 3/4 cups of water.  They also determined it would take between 100 and 150 minutes (which we had to remember did NOT equal 1 hour to 1 hour and 50 minutes)

On Thursday and Friday, we worked on decorating our pi ornaments.  I had them pre-made as we could not cook them at school and get them decorated within our time frame.  We quickly learned that paint was not the best idea to use as it made the ornaments gummy.  Most students decided to use Sharpies to decorate their ornaments. 

Here are some examples of how they turned out!

Next year, I think I'll bring in a 3 foot tree and start decorating them with the 5 pi ornaments I made to get kiddos hyped up earlier.  This will definitely be a yearly event!  So easy, so fun, and so economical!


  1. These are awesome!!!! I wish I didn't have 100+ students!!!!


  2. They actually weren't that bad to make, Elizabeth. I did it all in one Saturday afternoon. I ended up making about 56. For 100+ you would just need about 2 more hours of time (I know, I know, hehe). This project was SUPER cheap (the most expensive part was the time it took to bake). A 5lb bag of flour is about $3.00, the salt containers added up to about $3.00. Water is free(ish). Just need the time to mix, roll and bake! I did it between wrapping presents :)

  3. These are really cute, and the ensuing math problem sounds like a great challenge before Winter Break. :)

  4. We had great fun with this project. Most of my kiddos have never cooked and just the idea of working on a recipe and what a "batch" was lead to very interesting recipes. I think I'll be looking for some time of no bake cookie (that doesn't involve PB) to make with them soon. We need more real world work with recipes and fractions!


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